Every Ben & Jerry's Flavor Ranked

Ben & Jerry's is one of the world's most iconic and beloved artisan ice cream companies. Well-known for its whimsical flavors and creative packaging, trademark cows, and punny ice cream names, Ben & Jerry's isn't afraid to think outside the box or take a stand on social issues. According to its website, the duo has been dreaming up decadent desserts since 1978 and has hit some pretty impressive milestones since then.

In 1983, Ben & Jerry's constructed the world's biggest ice cream sundae, and in 1987 the company rolled out one of its most cherished and legendary flavors; Cherry Garcia. Since then, Ben & Jerry's has introduced a line of Core ice cream pints, each with a vast column of tasty filling running down the middle, as well as a Topped series layered with chocolate ganache (via PR News Wire). Ben & Jerry's ice cream never fails to impress; from old-school classics to the new favorites, there are a total of 62 current flavors on the roster. With that many yummy varieties, we've decided to get to the bottom of which Ben & Jerry's flavor is the tastiest treat. After all, who are we to leave a pint unfinished?

61. Chocolate Peanut Butter Split

Banana ice cream can be a bit on the polarizing side, but if you love the tropical blend of sweet banana flavor and ice cream, Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Peanut Butter Split is a decent pick. This pint features the triple threat of Ben & Jerry's signature chocolate ice cream, banana ice cream, and many, many peanut butter cups. We mean it: Ben & Jerry's does not skimp on the peanut butter cups, so you'll get a frozen, delicious mini cup in just about every bite. The downside is that the flavor can be misleading. It doesn't quite taste like a banana split. Although it's a valiant effort, the end result falls a little bit flat given how to pint is named.

60. Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey is one of the oldest Ben & Jerry's flavors, and it's got three major components: banana ice cream, chocolate banana chunks, and nuts. Ben & Jerry's doesn't have too many banana-flavored bases, so Chunky Monkey is probably your favorite go-to pick if you love tropical, sweet, banana ice cream. However, the not-so-sweet downside is that the flavor is a tad bit dated. The banana ice cream is strongly one-note and slightly artificial tasting, yielding it a lower ranking on our list. With all of the new, exciting flavors out there, Chunky Monkey just doesn't really cut it anymore.

59. Chewy Gooey Cookie

Ben & Jerry's is well-known for its fusions of sweet flavors, and Chewy Gooey Cookie is another example of this principle in action. It's a clever combination of coconut and caramel with a generous sprinkle of fudgy flakes and shortbread; a nutty, equatorial celebration in a pint. Chewy Gooey Cookie is a riff on Samoas, the classic Girl Scout cookie flavor that gives Thin Mints a run for its money.

Although you'll get a lot of sweet surprises in this pint (the caramel swirl is decidedly decadent), this flavor lacks any sort of defined textural differences. The shredded coconut blends with the ice cream base, and the shortbread is often just as soft, rendering Chewy Gooey Cookie slightly blah rather than brilliant.

58. Chocolate Fudge Brownie

It's tough to add fudge brownies to chocolate ice cream and have them distinctly shine, but Ben & Jerry's manages to accomplish just that with its Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream. You can taste the difference between the rich ice cream base and the chunks of brownie that run throughout, even when you get both on the same spoonful. It's dense and decadent, which is great in small doses. However, this ice cream manages to go a little bit overboard. Again, the problem comes down to texture. The brownies and ice-cream blend together and each spoonful is heavy and overwhelming on the saccharine chocolate notes. If you like chocolate so rich that it's sticky, go with this pint. But if refreshing is what you're craving, look elsewhere.

57. Chubby Hubby

Chubby Hubby is another old-school Ben & Jerry's flavor. Each pint has a trifecta of vanilla malt ice cream base, fudge, and peanut butter. Throw in some pretzels for texture and a touch of salt, and you've got a satisfying pint of dessert. Unfortunately, the area where Chubby Hubby falters is a big one. You might say that this flavor is a bit too extra.

It's tough to distinguish between the many different different flavors, and in our opinion, the vanilla malt base is so lovely that it deserves to shine. But in Chubby Hubby, everything gets muddled together, and the pretzel bits begin to feel soggy near the bottom of the pint. Still, this Ben & Jerry's flavor does hit the mark if you're a peanut butter, fudge, and pretzel fan. When it comes down to it, sweet and salty is always an okay combo.

56. Change is Brewing

Change is Brewing is a new addition to Ben & Jerry's line-up of coffee-flavored ice creams, explicitly created to shine a light on discrimination and judicial reform in Black communities (via Ben & Jerry's). But while the mission of this ice cream is incredible, Change is Brewing is a one-note dessert, with tons of sweet cold-brew coffee flavors blending into thick and sugary marshmallows which run throughout into an overly-sweet finish.

To take the pint from acceptable to excellent, Change is Brewing would actually benefit from a touch more fudge. Still, it's worth getting your hands on as a pint of this good stuff can support a great cause all while treating your taste buds to something new.

55. Cannoli

Cannoli is Ben & Jerry's humble homage to a classic Italian dessert, with a mascarpone cream base that tastes a bit like elevated vanilla with a little cheesecake touch thrown in there. It's rich, dense, and decadent, all of which contribute to the pint's Achilles heel. Basically, the base can stand alone, and the little chocolate-covered bits of cannoli shell almost seem to belong to a different dessert, coming across as a bit disjointed. Ben & Jerry's gets high marks for creativity, and true cannoli lovers will want to try this pint, but it's far from the company's best offering. 

54. Mint Chocolate Chance

Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Chance has a lot of things going for it, but it is a little underwhelming in the minty flavor department. The silky ice cream base has a bit too much vanilla, and mint chocolate ice cream purists will miss that satisfying herbal essence. And when the mint does kick in, you find yourself expecting the crunchy texture of chocolate chips — but all you get is a brownie. On the other hand, it's got plenty of those fudgy bites and soft texture, so it is a valiant effort, just one that misses the mark. If you want to give it a try, you can enjoy both dairy and dairy-free varieties, as the good folks at Ben & Jerry's have crafted a vegan version too.

53. Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake

Not content just to give hungry fans a simple cheesecake ice cream, Ben & Jerry's went all out with its Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake creation. It is a rambunctious extravaganza of all things rich and cream cheesy, with some chocolate cookie ribbons to boot. This problem with this pint is that it doesn't know when to stop. The elements compete and clash, with caramel cheesecake ice cream fighting against cookie swirls for flavor dominance. 

This epic flavor battle is a huge shame because this pint's texture is very well balanced. Unfortunately, too many bold flavors land Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake in the bottom half of our list.

52. Brewed to Matter

Ben & Jerry's Brewed to Matter is another of its coffee-based creations, full of robust flavor and graced with a few little extras to give you some textural interest and taste. This pint has two huge consistency components: A thick and chocolatey swirl of brownie batter and plenty of fudge chunks studded throughout the base.

Brewed to Matter has an intense coffee taste, and you'll also get a whiff of the good stuff the second you open the pint. While pleasant, it's slightly distracting and is more reminiscent of a trip to the coffee house than the ice cream parlor. 

51. Chocolate Therapy

With a name like Chocolate Therapy, you know that this is the pint to reach for when it's time to hide under the covers and watch Netflix. This is self-care in a pint, with a rich, fudgy flavor that's a little less sweet than Ben & Jerry's standard chocolate ice cream. A lot is going on in Chocolate Therapy, from the chocolate base itself to the swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream that run through every pint, but there's not enough nuance to make this pint exceptional.

Instead, Chocolate Therapy winds up tasting like a super-rich chocolate ice cream. While we appreciate that it's firmly, unapologetically chocolate overload, it could use some more flavor distinctions.

50. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is straight-up comfort food, from the rich vanilla base to the massive chunks of creamy cookie dough studded with an abundance of chocolate chips. The ratio of vanilla ice cream to dough is slightly off, with more dough than cream, leaving Ben & Jerry's classic base somewhat lost in the mix.

It's a nice, serviceable pint, but you might be disappointed if you're looking for a next-level ice cream flavor. There's nothing particularly bad about Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, but nothing is awe-inspiring about it either. Other flavors, like Half Baked, can give you a bigger cookie and ice cream bang for your buck. 

49. Americone Dream

If you're one of the people who get an extra big ice cream order for the sugary waffle cone rather than what's inside, Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream is theoretically your little slice of heaven in a pint. It all starts with a luxurious and creamy vanilla base, then turns it up to eleven with fudge-soaked waffle cone bits scattered throughout. You would have to struggle to grab a scoop that doesn't have one of these beautiful crunchy cone bites.

Although we love the concept, the fudgy waffle cone bites can be a little underwhelming. The cone itself gets lost in the fudge, making it hard to distinguish between the two. Instead, it's much like eating vanilla ice cream with chocolate rather than the intended combo.

48. Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch

Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch hits some major high notes with a tasty, crunchy, and creamy mixture of coffee ice cream and big pieces of toffee, plus plenty of fudgy flavor to take things up several notches. There's a lot going on in this pint and the coffee ice cream base gets lost amid stronger flavors.

The pint is a little salty, plenty sweet, and mainly memorable, but the coffee base sinks it for us. Vanilla would be a better foil for all those yummy pieces of toffee. The barely-there coffee ice cream adds virtually nothing to the pint, making this one a miss.

47. Chocolate Shake It

Please don't make the rookie mistake of thinking that Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Shake It Truffles is merely your standard chocolate ice cream. This pint is so much more than that. It starts with an unbelievably creamy chocolate malt milkshake base, then continues to up the flavor and textural appeal with tons of salted fudge and a whole lot of unnecessary marshmallows.

Our issue here is neither the chocolate malt milkshake base (heavenly!) nor the salted fudge. It's the marshmallow. While marshmallows can make flavors (like Phish Food) sing, it doesn't do much for Chocolate Shake It other than distract from the two superstar elements of malt and salted fudge.

46. Glampfire Trail Mix

Ben & Jerry's Glampfire Trail Mix takes some tried-and-true components and mixes them in a new way. The bad news is that this pint doesn't taste anything like trail mix, but it is a decent showing that focuses on decadent chocolate ice cream, fudgy almonds, and enormous bursts of marshmallow scattered throughout. The marshmallow works great with the chocolate base, lending it a mellow and toasty flavor, and the pretzels provide a much-needed hit of salty goodness. Although the name is more than slightly misleading, it's fairly good ice cream with a ton of textural components and a refined and lovely taste.

45. Everything But The...

Everything But The ... is a pint that has a lot going on. Like many pints in the bottom half of our list, there's a bit too much happening between the twin delights of vanilla and chocolate ice cream, cold and tasty peanut butter fudge, white chocolate, and toffee. While it all theoretically works together, there's not enough of one particular thing to make it stand out.

Surprisingly, one of the best elements is the humble vanilla ice cream, which manages to have a rich flavor without being cloying or too sweet. Unfortunately, it's buried in the rest of the elements and doesn't have a proper chance to shine.

44. Milk and Cookies

Ben & Jerry's traditional Milk & Cookies is a simple rendition of a childhood fave, with a vanilla ice cream base, baked cookie bits, and round nuggets of cookie dough running throughout. It nails the flavor and texture, and you get every imaginable variation of creamy, milky ice cream and cookie in each bite. 

The contrast between the chocolate cookie swirl and cookie dough is wonderful, and the vanilla ice cream base evens it out, although it can read as a bit bland. This pint doesn't taste like cookies and milk, but it's a decent homage likely to hit you squarely in the nostalgia feels.

43. Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Core

Ben & Jerry's Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Core has two distinct base ice creams; chocolate and cheesecake, peppered with tons of chocolate cookies and a massive cheesecake core running down the center. Although both bases are good, the cheesecake ice cream is a little flat, especially paired against the tangy, multi-layered core in the middle.

The chocolate goes much better with the core, and the cookies provide that beautiful little crunch that every good pint needs. Although the cheesecake ice cream is underwhelming, Cookies & Cream Cheesecake Core is still a solid pint and a must-savor for cheesecake lovers.

42. Mint Chocolate Cookie

Ben & Jerry's doesn't overcomplicate things in this simple but tasty pint. There are two stars of the show with Mint Chocolate Cookie: peppermint ice cream and chocolate cookies. Each one plays off the other for a refreshing treat that's not too chocolatey, not too minty, but just right. One of the key things that Ben & Jerry's nails with this ice cream is the mellowness of the peppermint ice cream. You can taste the mint, but it won't overwhelm your palate.

Instead, you'll get the coolness from the ice cream and the crunch from the cookies. It's straightforward and successful, though the cookies can come off as way too soft if left in the freezer for too long.

41. Chocolate Milk & Cookies

Chocolate Milk & Cookies tastes like regular chocolate ice cream elevated to a creamier, richer form. The base of this ice cream is super intense, and the dreamy consistency is complimented perfectly with chunks of cookie pieces evenly distributed throughout. Although this pint could benefit from another complementary flavor like caramel or marshmallow, it's still a good showing that might not wow you but won't let you down.

It might be a bit basic, but if you're a chocolate lover looking for a dessert that's not too cloying or over-the-top, Chocolate Milk & Cookies is the pint to reach for.

40. Minter Wonderland

Minter Wonderland is another Ben & Jerry's riff on mint chocolate ice cream, except this one takes it to the next level with a supple burst of marshmallow. The marshmallow is a fun nod to the pint's name, and it gives the ice cream a seasonal feel along with the robust mint flavor and generous sprinkles and swirls of chocolate cookies throughout.

If you're looking for a classic mint chocolate ice cream, this will be a little too busy for you. However, grab Minter Wonderland if you want an elevated version with a few extra goodies thrown in for fun.

39. Cinnamon Buns

Ben & Jerry's does cinnamon buns proud with this ice cream rendition of everyone's favorite breakfast/dessert. Cinnamon Buns is an epic celebration of all things sugary and spiced, with a beautiful caramel ice cream base, generous streusel, and thick pieces of cinnamon bun dough. Unfortunately, the caramel ice cream base gets a little lost amid the dough and streusel.

Even so, this pint is a fun break from vanilla or chocolate, and it manages to nail all of the flavors of a cinnamon bun while still being original. It's a must-savor and a unique treat from Ben & Jerry's.

38. Peanut Butter World

Peanut Butter World has a chocolate ice cream base with huge, girthy swirls of peanut butter snaking from the top to the bottom of every pint, plus chocolate cookies for texture and a little extra flavor. You'll get a bit of everything in each spoonful, but the chocolate base is overshadowed by the massive amount of peanut butter packed into this pint. 

If you're the kind of person who ate peanut butter out of the jar as a kid — or as an adult — we're not judging. This pint is for you. If you prefer your ice cream a little more nuanced and balanced, pass on Peanut Butter World.

37. The Tonight Dough

What's better than one kind of cookie dough? How about two! The Tonight Dough is a clever mix of chocolate and caramel ice cream, plus big chunks of peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie dough. Top it off with a glorious chocolate cookie swirl, and you have a memorable pint of indulgent goodness.

The only true complaint you can make about The Tonight Dough is that it might have too much good stuff going on. Although each element is excellent by itself, they do all get blended together and slightly muddled if you grab a big spoonful.

36. New York Super Fudge Chunk

Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk underpromises and way over-delivers on chunkiness and texture with three different kinds of nuts, fudge, and oodles of chocolate ice cream to tie it all together. This pint is one of the company's oldest flavors, packed to the brim with all sorts of treasures that surprisingly and delightfully gel together.

Ben & Jerry's was wise to keep the base as basic chocolate, especially with so many add-ins. As a result, it's a good canvas for the rest of the flavors. The only puzzling aspect is that some of the nuts are chocolate-covered, and some aren't, but that's a minor flaw in an otherwise choice pint.

35. Go-To Cold Brew

Go-To Cold Brew is a great pint of creamy deliciousness for people who love a touch of coffee in their ice cream but don't want to go overboard with the flavor. It's got a nice mix of Ben & Jerry's classic sweet cream ice cream and cold brew base, and the balance renders it slightly more sugary than some of the other coffee-based desserts. Plus, there are plenty of caramel ribbons snaking through every pint, so you'll get a hit of deep caramel flavor in each spoonful. If you love sweet coffee drinks with caramel or vanilla syrup, reach for this pint.

34. Totally Unbaked

Ben & Jerry's Totally Unbaked has all of the deliciousness of Half Baked, but with a sweet surprise creeping right through the middle of the pint. Instead of big, chewy pieces of brownie, you'll feast on a massive swirl of batter that plays nicely with the ice creams and adds a fudgy touch to the chocolate chip cookie dough.

Although Totally Unbaked is a symphony of sweetness and flavor, it does have one slight character flaw — the texture. A few nuts, toffee, or even a baked cookie swirl could take Totally Unbaked from palate-pleasing to downright phenomenal.

33. Peanut Butter Half Baked

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Half Baked is a peanut-butter-heavy rendition of its famous Half Baked pint, swapping out peanut butter cookie dough for standard chocolate chip cookie dough and replacing peanut butter ice cream for vanilla. However, this pint is still heavy on the chocolate, with plenty of chewy brownie bits sprinkled along with the nutty dough. There's also chocolate ice cream swirled in too.

Although it's an excellent riff on Half Baked, Peanut Butter Half Baked might benefit from a little cookie crunch swirl or a sprinkle of those oh-so-heavenly mini peanut butter cups.

32. Dublin Mudslide

With a decadent Irish Cream base studded with big pieces of cookie and tons of fudgy goodness, Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide is an inspired mix guaranteed to make you feel like you have the luck of the Irish. You'll want to reach for this pint if you're a big fan of cream liqueurs, huge swirls of sweet coffee fudge, and chocolately chunks of cookies.

One thing that stands out is the ice cream base itself. It's got a mellow but luscious sweet cream taste with a minor undertone of whiskey that's not overpowering. It's a step up from standard vanilla, and it plays nicely with the rest of the components.

31. Peanut Butter Cup

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream gives your taste buds a double dose of peanut butter thanks to a silky peanut ice cream base and tons of tiny peanut butter and chocolate cups. The peanut butter ice cream is undoubtedly good, with a rich nutty flavor offset by plenty of premium sugar and cream, but the mini cups are the star.

For some reason, the peanut butter base amplifies the flavor of the cups, providing a softer complimentary note to the nutty flavor inside each one. It's a good combination that gives you different variations on peanut butter, with a kick of chocolate for good measure.

30. Gimmie S'More

Ben & Jerry's Gimmie S'more takes your classic campfire flavors and blends them together into a tasty ice cream that smacks of fudge, graham crackers, and marshmallows, with some chocolate cookie thrown in for good measure. It's a sweet, summery blend with a toasty marshmallow base that's heavy on the sweet cream and nostalgia.

As with many of Ben & Jerry's flavor offerings, this one works because it shows restraint. Although a lot is going on, the flavors work together, allowing each one to shine beautifully in every spoonful. Take one bite, and you will indeed want s'more.

29. Coffee, Coffee, BuzzBuzzBuzz

Ben & Jerry's makes plenty of coffee-inspired ice creams, but Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! is in a highly-caffeinated league of its own. Everything about this pint is an homage to java, from the rich coffee-based ice cream to the enormous chunks of espresso bean and fudge. Each bite is full of snappy, crunchy little beans, and you'll get a fantastic balance of bitter and mellow chocolate the second you bite into them.

One caveat; don't eat Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz! before bed. It's got a heavy dose of caffeine that mimics your morning cup of joe — just more delicious.

28. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Core has a thick column of cookie dough spiked right through the center so you can grab a little bit of dough in each creamy bite. The rest of the pint is pretty epic as well, with cookie milk ice cream and lots of fudgy flakes. Ben & Jerry's decision to use cookie milk ice cream rather than vanilla is wise because it works beautifully with the core and does taste just like cookies and milk. The only slight downside is the fudge flakes as they're too small to provide any real crunch factor.

27. Half Baked

Half Baked is another legacy flavor from Ben & Jerry's, and each pint is a fun remix of all of the company's greatest hits. With premium chocolate and vanilla base and tons of tasty chocolate chip dough and brownie chunks, this flavor hits the mark taste-wise and texturally.

One of the most exciting aspects about this pint is the difference between the brownies and the dough. The brownies are baked, but the dough is not, a fun little nod to the name of this flavor and something that provides a slight extra variation in consistency. It all just works well.

26. Netflix & Chill'd

Netflix & Chilll'd is an excellent pick for all of you peanut butter-loving couch potatoes out there because it's loaded with sweet, rich, peanutty flavor, pretzels, and brownies. Although the pretzels provide some salt and crunch, and the brownie bits cut through that yummy peanut note with robust cocoa flavor, the ice cream base is really the star of this series.

Honestly, it deserves to be. Ben & Jerry's peanut butter ice cream hits the flavor bullseye with a not-too-sweet yet not-overpowering blend of sugar, cream, and peanut flavor. We have a feeling that this flavor will be renewed for many more seasons to come.

25. Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake is a nice pint of nostalgia that combines summery lush strawberries with rich cheesecake ice cream while tossing in graham crackers for good measure. The strawberry jam is delicious, not too tart or sweet, with just the right consistency to go along with the cream base; Plus, there are little pieces of real strawberry inside as well.

It's a light and lovely pint that manages to balance all of its bold flavors nicely. Also, the graham cracker ribbons running through each inch of the container give you tons of textural interest and add a nice buttery bite.

24. Karamel Sutra Core

Karamel Sutra Core is a sensual pint that features chocolate ice cream with a rich river of caramel running right down the middle. Add in fudge flakes and you have an indulgent treat that does justice to both sugary and slightly earthy notes. The core is everything in this pint; a soft and pliable ribbon of wonder that you can scoop up and eat with every bite of caramel or chocolate ice cream.

Also, the caramel ice cream base stands up to the intense core flavor, complementing rather than competing with it. Get Karamel Sutra Core in both dairy and non-dairy varieties.

23. Cherry Garcia

Cherry Garcia is one of Ben & Jerry's longest-running flavors, and there's a reason why it's got the staying power it does. Frankly, it is an absolutely delicious flavor. Named for famed Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia, Cherry Garcia is a very sophisticated blend of decadent dark chocolate and chunks of fruit against a creamy cherry base. The cherry base itself is pretty sweet, making it an excellent counterpoint to the tart hunks of red fruit and dark chocolate pieces. Although Ben & Jerry's has rolled out some inventive and over-the-top ice cream creations in the last several years, Cherry Garcia stands the test of time.

22. Salted Caramel Almond

Ben & Jerry's Salted Caramel Almond takes the iconic combination of vanilla and caramel and tosses in some perfectly toasted almond flakes and fudge to give it a lovely little glow-up. This ice cream is deceptively simple, but that's part of its charm. You'll get tons of decadent caramel and creamy vanilla in every taste, plus the crunch of almonds and a nice hit of chocolate.

It might not be the most creative pint on our list, but it's a great showing of a perennial classic. If you love caramel and vanilla, there's a good chance that you'll be here for it.

21. Pumpkin Cheesecake

This pint veers away from and ultimately manages to avoid overly sweet pumpkin pie spice flavor. Instead, it marries pure pumpkin with decadent cheesecake and a nice graham cracker swirl throughout. Pumpkin Cheesecake is the ultimate fall-flavored pint. You'll get a satiny, crunchy spoonful in each bite, along with standard pumpkin spice notes like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Ben & Jerry's manages to stay subdued and classic when giving the nod to Fall's favorite flavor combo. So, if you love pumpkin, but find pumpkin spice lattes a bit basic or over-the-top, try this seasonal blend on ice. You won't be disappointed.

20. Triple Caramel Chunk

The triple threat of decadent caramel ice cream, fudgy pieces of caramel, and a thick caramel swirl make Triple Caramel Chunk a Ben & Jerry's flavor for the record books. One of the best things that it has going for it is the texture. The caramel swirl is a rich and luxe partner to the creamy base, and every glorious, fudge-covered piece of caramel adds another layer of resistant texture and richness to the pint. There are tons of caramel chunks, and the rest is very evenly distributed, too, so you'll get a taste of everything in each spoonful.

19. Vanilla

Thanks to Ben & Jerry's wizardry, its Vanilla ice cream is anything but bland and one-note. Instead, this flavor has an intense, pure, deep vanilla taste that ranges from sweet to musky. Vanilla shows off Ben & Jerry's mastery of the basics. Although we love its incredible line-up of candy and chocolate-studded wacky-flavored ice creams, sometimes you want something pure, sweet, and flavor-forward.

Although Vanilla tastes great right out of the pint, it's incredible whipped up into a frosty milkshake for the ideal summertime treat. Top it with a swirl of whipped cream, and you've got a near-perfect dessert.

18. Wake & No Bake Cookie Dough Core

Wake & "No Bake" Cookie Dough Core hits on some of Ben & Jerry's top flavor combinations: Vanilla ice cream meets peanut butter cookies, fudge chips, creamy peanut butter ice cream, and of course, a rich cookie dough core in the middle. It's a good pint for people who like peanut butter but don't want huge ribbons of it in their ice cream, because you'll get a smattering of peanut from the cookies on the vanilla side and some nuanced flavor from the peanut butter side. The core divides two flavors but accentuates both sides, and there's enough for you to grab a bit with every bite.

17. Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core

Ben & Jerry's core ice creams are a fun twist on its standard cookie swirls, and Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core is one of its best showings. This pint has a lot of chocolate flavor going on, with caramel and mocha ice creams to mellow everything out and add some flavor dimension. Pro-tip — eat the mocha and caramel together for a beautiful sweet coffeehouse flavor that's wildly good all on its own.

Both bases are fabulous, but they become even better when you mix in copious amounts of fudge flakes, cookies, and of course, that fantastic, massive chocolate core.

16. Cherry Crumble

Ben & Jerry's tasty tribute to a great springtime dessert bursts with fresh cherry bits and sweet, crunch oat crumble, all balanced perfectly against a beautiful butter-drenched base. Cherry Crumble hits on all the right flavors while offering a new experience, thanks to the rich, silky base. The cherries really shine in this pint. They're not too sweet, and the tartness works with the other sugary and buttery elements. It's an outstanding balance.

If you find Cherry Garcia a little too red fruit-forward, or too full on the dark chocolate notes, try Ben & Jerry's Cherry Crumble. It's slightly more subdued but still very punchy.

15. Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough

Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough has a satiny layer of chocolate ganache studded with tiny caramel cups. Break through it, and you'll find yourself smack dab in the middle of the tastiest stuff on earth. Decadent chocolate ice cream, vast ribbons of thick caramel, and plenty of chocolate chip cookie dough balls are studded throughout this mixture. You can conserve some of that ganache and savor it with every spoonful of Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough ... if you're careful.

This pint has it all: Tons of caramel and chocolate flavors, loads of crunch from the ganache, and petite caramel cups. It's beautifully executed and sinfully tasty.

14. Pistachio Pistachio

This pint is an elegant example of what you can accomplish when you marry premium ice cream with a liberal sprinkle of hand-selected, roasted nuts. Pistachio Pistachio is one of Ben & Jerry's simplest offerings, and it's a refreshing tribute to one of the best nuts on the planet. The pistachio base is light and super creamy, lending itself well to crunchy bits of pistachio studded throughout.

Although there are a lot of flavors packed in there, it doesn't hit you too heavy of a pistachio punch. Instead, it's nuanced and downright delicate. Pistachio Pistachio shows range, measured restraint, and most of all, technique.

13. Tiramisu

Ben & Jerry's Tiramisu has a slightly tangy mascarpone ice cream base that is jammed full of tasty shortbread and ribbons of luxe fudge that are all tied together with a gorgeous chocolate ganache and topped with espresso fudge pieces. This creamy masterpiece manages to hit all of the tiramisu's flavor notes while still being completely original. You'll get echoes of the actual dessert, along with sweet surprises in the form of fudge rivers and tasty studs of shortbread.

Tiramisu is another one of Ben & Jerry's great homages that pay tribute to — but never fully mimics — a classic combination. It's elegant and smooth, with a muted coffee bite.

12. Peanut Butter Fudge Core

Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Fudge Core manages to be both outrageously decadent and paired back at the same time. Although this is a peanut butter-heavy pint, it's tempered with plenty of gooey chocolate and full of miniature peanut butter cups for texture and flavor. This pint has two types of ice cream: peanut butter and chocolate, and both pair perfectly with the soft, fudgy core.

The core itself is pretty pliable so that you can scoop chunks of peanut butter fudge in every spoonful, and there's enough there to take you all the way to the bottom of the pint.

11. PB Over The Top

If you love Ben & Jerry's tiny peanut butter and chocolate cups, you should really consider getting your mitts on a pint of PB Over the Top. This luscious pint from Ben & Jerry's Topped series has more peanut butter cups per square inch of ice cream than virtually any other pint. Plus, you'll get them studded throughout the chocolate base itself with a silky ganache on top.

Also, the ganache provides a rich, deep chocolate flavor complemented nicely by the milk chocolate base. Overall, this pint is an example of how superb the combination of peanut butter and chocolate can truly be.

10. Salted Caramel Core

Although all of Ben & Jerry's core ice creams are fantastic, some take the ice cream cake. Salted Caramel Core is one of those ice creams. The sweet and salty rich core offsets Ben & Jerry's sweet cream beautifully, and little chunks of blond brownies kick the whole combo up several notches.

The salty element of the core is what's genuinely exceptional because this pint is just sitting on the verge of being slightly too sweet. The balance of minerality plants it firmly in our top ten. The core brings it back and adds depth, flavor, and tons of sophisticated character. Salted Caramel Core is a true win for Ben & Jerry's.

9. Thick Mint

Girl Scouts, eat your little hearts out. Ben & Jerry's Thick Mint puts a sleeve of Thin Mint cookies to shame. This pint is packed with some robust minty flavor and potent, creamy mint ice cream, plenty of chocolate cookie swirls, pieces of mint cookie, and chocolate ganache. Every bite is full of bright herbal flavor, crumbly chocolate cookies, and rich, fudgy chocolate ganache.

Plus, as the name suggests, the ganache is thick. You will have enough to last you for the entire pint, and maybe even then some. This cleverly named pint will do the trick if you love mint and chocolate.

8. Salted Caramel Brownie

What do you get when you combine a velvety vanilla ice cream base with tons of thick caramel and hefty pieces of fudge brownie? A craveable snack courtesy of Ben & Jerry's, and one that gets even better when you coat the whole thing in tons of chocolate ganache and miniature caramel cups. Salted Caramel Brownie relies heavily on the tried-and-true taste trifecta of caramel, chocolate, and vanilla but adds in some fantastic textural elements that make it extraordinary. The caramel cups mirror the flavor of the brownies and caramel swirl, and the ganache itself pairs wonderfully with the ice cream. Add a touch of salt and this is a true chef's kiss. 

7. Vanilla Caramel Fudge

Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Caramel Fudge is a sweet homage to the basics. A lovely, creamy vanilla base creates a smooth launch space for thick swirls of rich fudge and gooey caramel. There's enough of those elements for you to scoop both in every spoonful, and they stretch throughout the entire pint. Also, the fudge and caramel swirls have slightly different consistencies, so the texture of this pint is fabulous too. Though, it could use a slight element of crunch to really take it to the next level.

Vanilla Caramel Fudge is buttery, chocolatey, and packed with authentic vanilla bean flavor. The flavors are standard but stellar.

6. Oat of This Swirled

Oat of this Swirled is true comfort food in a tub with tons of oatmeal cinnamon cookie flavor, fudge, and an ice cream base to die for. Ben & Jerry's undoubtedly found the sweet spot when it developed its brown sugar ice cream. This dessert has a totally unique, spiced taste that works well with the cinnamon and doesn't compete too hard with the fudge.

The brown sugar base has a decadent but subtle molasses flavor flowing through it, and it tastes a little deeper and richer than vanilla or sweet cream. Although the cookies and fudge light up your tastebuds, the truly buttery base puts Oat of this Swirled over the top.

5. Brownie Batter Core

Brownie Batter Core is easily one of Ben & Jerry's most decadent creations. It is intelligently executed so that the brownie batter column gets highlighted in each spoonful. Nothing in this pint competes with the core. You have two sumptuous ice creams, vanilla and chocolate, and pieces of cooked fudge brownie that echo the flavors of the center column, yet it is still the batter core that speaks for itself.

If you're the sort of person who feels like they can never get enough fudgy topping with their ice cream, you should have already reached for this pint, like, yesterday. It's everything a chocolate-lover could want and then some.

4. Whiskey Biz

Ben & Jerry's Whiskey Biz is a warm, sweet dessert with a punch of boozy bliss in the form of a brown butter bourbon ice cream base and whiskey-spiked caramel swirls. The whiskey is just noticeable, but never overpowering, and it enhances the dish's other flavors and textures (chunks of blonde brownies, white fudge, and silky ganache).

The brown butter ice cream base is one of the highlights of this pint. It has a rich flavor with hints of vanilla, caramel, and nuts. Eat it with a spoonful of the white chocolate ganache, and you'll take your tastebuds straight out for a night on the town.

3. Phish Food

Phish Food is a classic Ben & Jerry's flavor that's been in its pantheon of ice cream excellence for several decades. This flavor starts with your standard chocolate base but gets more creative and craveable from there. You'll find rivers of marshmallow and caramel running through every pint, but the cutest topping on the flavor cake has got to be Phish Food's tiny fudge-flavored fish.

These swimmers are crunchy little flavor nuggets that flow well with the mellower ice cream, marshmallow, and caramel notes of the famous pint. Plus, they're everywhere, so you'll get a nibble or two on each spoonful that you pull from the pint.v

2. Strawberry Topped Tart

Ben & Jerry's has plenty of fantastic fruity pints in its lineup, and Strawberry Topped Tart is one of its M.V.P.s for sure. The base is Ben & Jerry's famous sweet cream laced with plenty of ruby-red strawberry swirls and studded with flaky pie crust. It's reminiscent of a strawberry tart while still maintaining the velvety smoothness and flavor of the sweet cream.

The topping really takes this pint up several notches, though. White chocolate ganache and playful sprinkles and a bright, sugary hit. It's cute, playful, and seasonal; the ideal treat for strawberry lovers or anyone who wants to dip their spoons into summertime.

1. Dirt Cake

Dirt Cake is one of Ben & Jerry's most iconic offerings. There's so much goodness to unpack with this pint of joy, but first and foremost, it's the texture that is most on point. It all starts with the crunchy, decadent chocolate crumble on top. Then, there's a generous layer of rich chocolate ganache that mixes amazingly with vanilla pudding ice cream, and firm chocolate cookie pieces.

Ben & Jerry's doesn't skimp on the ganache either, and if you're strategic, you can get a spoonful of every layer in each bite. It's a win on so many different levels and Ben & Jerry's best flavor to date.