How To Make Day Old Sushi Like New

When it comes to ordering sushi, it's hard not to have eyes bigger than your stomach. You want to get your favorite maki roll, but that specialty roll sounds amazing, and well, you've been craving some tuna and salmon nigiri sushi ... and all of a sudden you end up with more than you can eat and need to ask for a to-go container.

But, the problem is as you carry that container out of the restaurant, you know the sushi just won't have the same taste when you eat it the next day (or as a midnight snack). It'll be dry and have lost some of the flavor after being stored in the cold refrigerator.

There is a trick you can do at home to make your sushi taste fresh again. All you need is a microwave and a cup or bowl to revive your sushi to be enjoyed as if it was prepared fresh for you.

How to reheat your sushi

Making your leftover sushi taste great again is a simple process. First, place the sushi on a microwave-safe plate and space the pieces out so they are not crowded together, advises Tastylicious.  Next, fill a cup with cold water and put it in the microwave next to the plate of sushi in order to stop the pieces from drying out, per Tastylicious.

When it comes to reheating the sushi, Tastylicious recommends turning the microwave on medium power (500-watt power) and heating in 10-second increments (for a total of about 30 seconds) and then testing the sushi to see if it has reached room temperature. This reheating process will turn your tasteless, dried-out sushi into flavorful pieces of yummy — thanks to fish that's once again tender and rice that has been rendered soft and moist.

Taste of Home recommends heating grocery store sushi for 30 seconds in the microwave, which The Fork Bite tried and said worked well to improve the taste and flavor of the Japanese food. The Fork Bite says this method of heating, will make the rice soft and fluffy and the fish toppings became softer and juicier.

Next time you are ordering sushi, go ahead and order as much as you want knowing that the leftovers can still taste like they did when you ordered them fresh.