This Vodka Costs Nearly $4 Million

"It's good to be the king of luxury!" claims Leon Verres' Instagram profile. According to his website, Verres is a Roman designer producing luxury shoes, haute couture, fragrance, and streetwear. He's crafted dresses out of credit cards. And he's made alcohol marketed for millions. Verres' boozy endeavors began with Le Billionaire Champagne, a Salmanazar bottle retailing for $2.75 million dollars. According to The Rich Times, five bottles were manufactured. Next came the vodka, a product explicitly intended for those with six figures (or more) of disposable income.

While most people tend to think of vodka as an ingredient for another cocktail – for example, Bloody Marys and gimlets – Luxe insists some of the top-ranking vodkas are meant to be enjoyed straight, with a simple ice cube to help enhance unique flavors. Though Money Control claims Verres' vodka recipe is a secret, we did some digging around to find out what could possibly warrant a several-million-dollar price tag. 

A bottle for billionaires

One press release reports Billionaire Vodka comes from natural springs, is ice-filtered, passed through Nordic birch charcoal, then finally dripped through sand made of crushed diamonds and gemstones. But that's not why this vodka boasts such a shockingly high price tag.

The triple-distilled vodka is placed in a platinum and rhodium-encased crystal bottle that has been decorated in thousands of diamonds; the label is literally gold, and one order can set you back $3.7 million dollars (via Next Luxury). For the more financially humble among us, Verres has advertised half-liter versions of his Billionaire Vodka, an alternative packaging in a purple-hued glass bottle that is decorated in Swarovski crystals (per Luxatic). Verres is a self-described animal rights activist, so faux fur replaces the need for any genuine coverings. 

If anyone has seen one of these bottles, we'd love to see it, too. We can only imagine what a White Russian made with Billionaire Vodka might taste like.