The 16 Absolute Best Sugar-Free Dunkin' Drinks Ranked

People love their Dunkin' runs. Despite all of the frozen, swirled, and sweet cream options for your Dunkin' drinks, not everyone can handle all that sugar. We crunched Dunkin' nutrition facts, so you don't have to worry about holding up the line trying to remember which drink will leave you buzzed on more than caffeine.

We also tried the Dunkin' sugar-free flavor syrups: blueberry, raspberry, vanilla, toasted almond, coconut, and hazelnut. Plus, the internet's favorite combinations. You'll need to specify sugar-free flavors since blueberry, vanilla, and hazelnut also come in sweetened flavor swirls. Flavor shots seem to pair best with iced coffee, but we also tried different coffees to see if an iced Americano is a better base than a cold brew.

Milk also has more sugar than you might realize. Dairy adds up to 12 grams of sugar, whether skim or whole milk. Adding cream to your coffee only adds 1 gram. Coconut milk is the only non-dairy milk available without added sugar, and oat milk is second with 7 grams. We skipped the almond milk because it includes up to 10 grams of sugar. Plus, almonds require lots of water to grow, and the high-demand is stressing out the bees. If you are strict about sugar-free, stick with coconut milk if you're concerned.

Thanks to our tireless dedication — and after all that caffeine, we are truly wired — this ranking gives real insight to some of the absolute best sugar-free Dunkin' drinks you can find.

16. Iced Americano

A Dunkin' Americano is a simple alternative for anyone who wants an iced coffee, but also wants a stronger flavor and less caffeine than what comes with drip coffee. Iced americanos are two shots of espresso with water over ice, mimicking a brewed coffee but with a more espresso-forward taste. This iced Americano medium has 284 milligrams of caffeine while a medium Dunkin' iced coffee contains 297 milligrams of caffeine. 

Unfortunately, we found our Americano to be bitter and quite acidic. We also understand that the taste of espresso is dependent on how each shot is pulled, so we're not ruling this drink out just because the espresso wasn't the best. 

We do think it would still be a nice option for anyone who isn't looking to have a lot of caffeine, still wants the chill of an iced coffee, and is looking to try some sugar-free flavor combinations. But, we'll still gravitate toward a brewed iced coffee next time, especially one of the lighter, seasonal blends.

15. Coconut and toasted almond iced coffee

Let's start off by saying there aren't a lot of online suggestions for Dunkin' drinks with sugar-free coconut flavoring, but this combo does crop up. We also understand that we've suggested using plant-based coconut milk, but despite what some people might think, coconut milk doesn't have a strong taste. Regardless, we decided to try a sugar-free spin on one of the best Dunkin' secret menu items with a coconut-flavored Dunkin' coffee. 

Dunkin' Almond Joy drink used to be on the menu and is made with a mocha swirl, your choice of milk, with coconut and toasted almond flavors. But, we can't add the mocha because it's full of sugar. The good news: Coconut and toasted almond flavors are sugar-free. The bad news: The sugar-free coconut flavor absolutely has a strong taste, and the flavor is more like sunscreen than toasted coconut. 

This combination might need to be tweaked for less coconut and more almond flavoring to balance the taste. Since we also didn't love the slightly artificial aftertaste from the toasted almond, the idea of adding more almond syrup didn't quite sound like the right move. Even with a splash of coconut milk, this iced coffee wasn't our favorite. If you like the coconut flavoring, then you might disagree. Overall, this just couldn't make the cut as one of our favorites for the Dunkin' sugar-free drinks.

14. Toasted almond with vanilla iced coffee

We took a classic Dunkin' drink combination, the Dunkin' Toasted French Vanilla Iced Coffee, and kept this drink sugar-free. This official Dunkin' secret menu hack is a bit different since the French vanilla is now only a sweetened flavor swirl and made with almond milk for a dairy-free drink. Sugar-free toasted almond and vanilla still seems like an obvious mixture. We also replaced the sweetened almond milk with coconut milk. While we like the sugar-free flavors, and the two complement one another, the drink has an artificial taste. 

At first, we liked the flavor, but the more we drank the mixture, the less appetizing it became. We're pretty sure it's the toasted almond flavor that was such a bummer for the artificial aftertaste. But, if you don't mind the flavors or the bite of Splenda, then this one probably won't bother your taste buds. Adding these flavor shots to an iced coffee is still a pretty appetizing treat. This is another instance where if we added just one shot to the mix or upped the vanilla-to-almond ratio, this might have been higher on the list.

13. Cappuccino

A cappuccino is a simple sugar-free drink option because you get actual foam, even if the foam also dissipates pretty quickly.  A traditional cappuccino is made in thirds with equal parts espresso, steam milk, and foam. We typically prefer more foam in a coffee drink due to the texture, even if that means we might gulp down the coffee a little faster.

If you're non-dairy, a cappuccino isn't the best option since most plant-based milk alternatives aren't very good at creating foam like real dairy can. We found this drink to be a little lackluster due to the heavy milk-to-foam ratio, especially when made with the coconut milk. While we appreciated a nice layer of foam at the top, which stuck around longer than the latte, the foam dissipated quickly making it similar to a latte. 

This is a nice keto option because you can make this espresso and milk drink with heavy cream and really ask for a dry cappuccino if you want some good froth.

12. Nitro brew

Nitro brew coffee is a trendy option that is now available at Dunkin', and it's completely sugar-free. The creaminess is a result of the nitrogen-infused drink pulled straight from the tap, reminiscent of the frothiness of a Guinness — or steamed milk. We've tried a few different nitro-style coffees, but Dunkin's nitro is rather strong and a little bitter. The cold coffee isn't made with ice, however, so we like not having to worry about it melting and getting watery, which is a bonus.

You could try this if you don't want the sugar or calories of additional milk, aren't a fan of coconut, or have an allergy. No, it won't replicate the creaminess of dairy completely, but we find the texture of the layer of foam to be rather enticing. Plus, we could see including a couple of vanilla and hazelnut flavor shots to balance out the bitterness. If you want to jazz up your coffee while staying Keto-friendly, add some heavy cream and a shot of sugar-free blueberry.

11. Hazelnut Iced Coffee

The Dunkin' iced coffees are a clear winner when it comes to sugar-free flavor options. Hazelnut is a core, year-round flavor that is recommended for hot or cold drinks. We found this flavor pretty good on its own in a regular iced coffee with a splash of milk. While it's a solid flavor, we still found hazelnut iced coffee has a lingering artificial taste at the end. But, it's not as bad since we included only one shot of flavor. We found this sugar-free taste to offer a bit of extra nuttiness without overwhelming the drink, but you could always scale up or down with flavor shots depending on how you prefer your coffee.

We didn't rank this higher only because there is an artificial taste at the end that we didn't love. Hazelnut iced coffee isn't a bad option thanks to the overall mixture of ice and coconut milk, but it's not our favorite on this Dunkin' drinks ranking.

10. Hibiscus Kiss Herbal Infusion

Tea isn't always the first drink we think of when heading to a coffee shop. But, Dunkin' hot tea provides a handful of options: Bold Breakfast Black Tea, Harmony Leaf Green Tea, Chamomile Fields Herbal Infusion, Hibiscus Kiss Herbal Infusion, and Cool Mint Herbal Infusion. Since most of the infusions are rather common — many brands make a herbal chamomile, refreshing mint, and a hot green tea — we opted for the Hibiscus Kiss herbal tea.

We also liked having a sugar-free and caffeine-free option on this ranking list. The flavor is mild with a little bit of tang from berries. We could also imagine this would make a refreshing iced drink. We found the flavor to be bright, as described, and finished mild without any hint of tartness. The tea bag also had plenty of flavor left for a second steep to double the sugar-free drink. We do love a budget-friendly treat from Dunkin'.

9. Original hot coffee

Dunkin's hot original coffee is not only quite drinkable, but a versatile option to add your favorite sugar-free flavor and choice of milk. We liked the flavor of the original roast and didn't find the acidity overwhelming or any bitterness at the end. We added a splash of the non-dairy coconut milk because it has the least amount of sugar, but skim is a great option if you prefer dairy and calories are a concern. Anyone who follows a Keto-friendly diet can add a bit of heavy cream (or anyone who just loves a rich blend). We did find the coffee a little uninspiring compared to some of the other options. The amount of caffeine compared to a milk and espresso-based drink might turn some people off. But you really can't go wrong with this OG Dunkin' menu option.

You can even go full Keto coffee at home or in the office by adding MCT oil and butter or ghee to help avoid the jitters of caffeine by balancing with some fat. While it's not for everyone, that's the beauty of Dunkin's original brewed coffee — you can make it whatever you want. If you're like us and spend most of your days in front of a computer, adding a shake of cinnamon and some collagen powder as another protein option can help balance your blood sugar to avoid the snack cravings and mellow the caffeine crash (even if it's all a placebo effect).

8. Oat milk latte

Arriving at Dunkin' in 2020, oat milk is a vegan alternative and adds a roasted flavor without a ton of sugar. Oat milk has the second lowest amount of sugar out of the plant-based milk options: A medium oat milk latte contains 130 calories and only 5 grams of sugar. The sugar content is comparable to dairy milk, so we decided to give this one a try to see how the oat milk tastes — and not everyone is going to want coconut milk because of taste or use heavy cream in a latte due to the carbs or richness.

We recommend the oat milk latte for its simplicity and mild flavor thanks to the hint of roasted notes from the non-dairy milk. We also noticed the milk adds a touch of sweetness. A latte is distinguished by steam milk and a short layer of foam. Our foam had disintegrated basically as soon as we walked out the door — one of the reasons why it didn't rank higher on this list. Of course, you can order a latte with any of the milks and still have a satisfying sugar-free drink. We recommend trying with sugar-free vanilla and hazelnut flavor shots.

7. Cold brew

Cold brew is another iced coffee that has made its rounds at coffee shops. It's typically a stronger cup of coffee, which means more caffeine but also more flavor of the particular roast. This isn't the case with Dunkin' cold brew because while it is smooth and slightly sweeter than a regular brewed cup of coffee, there isn't more caffeine in this version. It does have a nice roasted flavor that is mellowed out by the ice and doesn't get watered down too quickly like other iced coffees tend to do. 

We also liked that the flavor isn't as bitter or acidic as we found the iced Americano or nitro brews at Dunkin', so it'll make for an excellent base. We tried the cold brew plain and with a splash of coconut milk — we liked it better with some coconut milk added to the mix. You could also add a shot of sugar-free vanilla or hazelnut to this one, and it would be able to stand up to the other flavors. 

6. Blueberry and Vanilla Iced Cream

Ever thought you'd want blueberry in your coffee? If you're not currently drinking this sugar-free flavor, or you haven't yet become a total Dunkin' convert (and we assume you are a fan or at least curious, otherwise, why are you reading this?), adding blueberry with vanilla in an iced coffee is quite delightful. Actually, it's better to say the flavor is rather refreshing. The blueberry and vanilla blend well together, so we tasted only a hint of the fruit that brightened up the warm, sweet vanilla. We imagine this would also taste pretty good in a hot drink, but there is something about the cold ice and chill of blueberry that works well. And, we don't want to mess with a good thing.

Sure, it's not a sugar-free Dunkin' drink we would order every day, but we never thought we'd be the type of person to enjoy blueberry with coffee. Well, this opinion has been changed. It's a great drink for warm weather and easy to sip. We also love that you can add whichever type of milk, whether dairy or plant-based, and a splash of heavy cream for the Keto lovers will only add to the richness of the taste. 

5. Iced Green Tea

At first glance, iced green tea might not seem very exciting. If you're familiar with Dunkin' brewed coffee, you know that the company doesn't skimp on quality when it comes to the classics. It turns out, we found the Dunkin' iced green tea is part of the brand's solid core offerings with enough flavor without all that added sugar. At first, the drink doesn't seem like much. Except, when paired with the ice, we found the subtle green tea to be refreshing with a light taste that doesn't get watered down thanks to a bit of roasted flavor at the end. 

This is a great option for anyone pining for the refreshers, but can't (or won't) order the bright-colored drinks because of that sugar content.

We also appreciate it's still a boost of energy — about the same amount of caffeine as a can of diet coke — but easier on your system than a full cup of coffee. You will need to ask for the green tea to be unsweetened since it comes both ways like most drinks on the Dunkin' menu. The menu also suggests pairing this with a shot of raspberry or blueberry sugar-free flavor, but we liked the taste all on its own.

4. Iced coffee

We went with the Sunrise Batch Iced Coffee because this roast was released in the spring of 2022 and is only available in iced coffee. It did not disappoint. This Dunkin' menu iced coffee has a light body and low acidity, but you still get the flavor of a well-brewed cup of coffee. Unlike other competitors, which have a spotty record of creating acidic and bitter brews, Dunkin' appreciates that not everyone is here for the whip cream topping (but, no judgment if you like your java con panna). 

Of course, you can add a splash of milk or sugar-free shot for extra, but we invite you to trust the process and try this one without any additions first. It's that good.

We didn't love that the ice started melting before we walked the five blocks home, even though it was a delightfully cool morning. But if you're sipping as you commute, the ease of delivery might mean you'll drink this iced coffee so fast the ice won't be able to keep up. Bonus points if you bring your own reusable straw!

3. Raspberry Black Iced Tea

The idea of a simple iced black tea wasn't enough to get us excited about the best Dunkin' sugar-free drinks. Adding a shot of sugar-free raspberry flavor to the mix is a huge improvement. This tea is made with the signature Dunkin' Iced Tea blend that is brewed daily. The flavor is very good thanks to the light and mild taste of the black tea paired with the sweetness of the fruity raspberry. We even recommend the Dunkin' iced tea with sugar-free raspberry even over the green tea, which we like a lot for being refreshing and light in flavor.

We also liked that you still get a sizable amount of caffeine thanks to 42 grams per small cup. You will need to specify that you want the unsweetened ice tea version whether ordering in the drive-thru or online. You could add a splash of milk, but we thought this one was tasty without. 

2. Iced Macchiato

We were skeptical about a coffee drink that is often prepared at the whim of the particular coffee shop. A macchiato should be espresso prepared, or marked (macchiato means marked in Italian), with only a tiny amount of steamed, frothy milk. Often, a macchiato is simply made as an "inverse" latte in the United States due to the espresso being added on top to mark the steamed milk. So, how could it be that different from a regular latte? 

Dunkin' Donuts iced macchiatos are prepared with two shots of espresso to create what we found to be a quite attractive layered drink. Surprisingly, we even liked this better than the Dunkin' latte — especially if you prefer a stronger roast. We paired the macchiato with coconut milk since it has a slightly sweeter flavor than oat or dairy milk but without any of the added sugar. Although we liked this macchiato as is, if you want more flavor, we would recommend adding a vanilla or hazelnut flavor shot for something a little more complex.

1. Vanilla hazelnut iced coffee

Just because we aren't drinking sugary concoctions doesn't mean we're left to waste away without any flavor. We really loved the Dunkin' sugar-free vanilla and hazelnut iced coffee because the taste complements the coffee, but doesn't leave us with any puckering from all that sweetness. Both the vanilla and hazelnut play off one another: The rich, sweetness of the vanilla mixes with the nutty, roasted hazelnut in a bath of iced coffee with a splash of coconut milk. Of course, this would pair well with heavy cream for the Keto followers, or really, any milk of your choice. 

We chose to have a one-to-one ratio of sugar-free vanilla to hazelnut, but you can experiment with adding more of either. We have found the hazelnut to have a little aftertaste in other drinks, but this pairing seemed to find the idea balanced. We also liked that as we kept sipping this drink we never had time to worry about the ice melting and ruining the vibe.