Best Keto-Friendly Coffee With MCT Oil And Collagen

It does way more than just wake you up in the morning

If you're going to have to wake up every morning, you might as well have something that brings you joy despite dragging yourself out of bed to hit the gym. Enter: coffee. And with the nutrition-packed Caffè Latte from the recently launched Strong Coffee Company, it's easier than ever to chase down your health goals without losing energy.

Adam Von Rothfelder, Strong Coffee Company's founder & CEO, is a former MMA fighter who's trained NFL star Ray Lewis and been on NBC's fitness competition show Strong. Clearly, a good source of energy does wonders for him. But it wasn't a selfish need for nutritionally sound coffee that drove him to create the product. When Von Rothfelder's father was suffering from leukemia and resisting healthful foods, he decided to sneak nutrition into coffee, something he knew his dad wouldn't push away.

Besides time-released caffeine to keep you going strong for hours, the keto-friendly Caffè Latte has collagen for muscle fuel, coconut water for hydration and MCTs to help boost your brain. Plus, it tastes good: There's a hint of sweetness that, when combined with the silky texture, might just trick you into thinking you're drinking a coffee milkshake.

Whether you opt for the individual packets or a large, resealable bag, it couldn't be easier to prepare. You just mix it with hot or cold water, and eight seconds later you have a coffee drink that kills about five birds with one stone.

Even if you're not trying on a keto diet for size, consider it a better investment than your daily coffee shop stop—bother in terms of time and money saved (you'll even get 15% off your first purchase with this link). As their manifesto reads, "we can either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong." We'll go with the latter, especially when it tastes this good.