Peroni's New Perfume Collab Is Inspired By These Beer Cocktails

When you think of perfume scents, ones that are floral and sweet are probably the first that come to mind. Food and spice scented fragrances infused with vanilla and cinnamon exist, too. Now there's even an edible ice cream perfume. Perfumes inspired by beer, however, is the last thing you'd expect. Smelling like beer may seem unpleasant, but Peroni's newest product is bound to surprise you.

As announced in a press release, the premium Italian beer company recently teamed up with luxury fragrance brand Ellis Brooklyn to release a dopp kit that includes a collection of six gender-neutral perfumes, each designed to evoke the experience of sipping on a Peroni spritz in Italy. In addition to the fragrances, the Peroni x Ellis Brooklyn dopp kit comes with a sensory guide pairing each scent with a Peroni cocktail and location in Italy. The entire kit is contained in a blue and white striped travel bag inspired by Peroni branding and the iconic blue ribbon.

Peroni's perfumes offer a new way to enjoy Italian spritz

If you thought you had to take a vacation in Italy to fully enjoy an Italian spritz, just wait until you experience Peroni's new perfumes. Per Ellis Brooklyn, each is contained in a travel-sized spray and comes in the scents of West, Sweet, Sunfruit, Salt, Bee, and Super Amber. West is designed to be enjoyed with Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Sweet goes with Peroni Bella Vita, Sun Fruit pairs perfectly with Peroni Italian Sunshine, Salt is best with Sicilian Sea Breeze, Bee is meant to go with Tuscan Golden Hour, and Super Amber with An Evening In Roma.

As you smell the fragrance and sip on its corresponding beer, Peroni hopes to transport you to summer in Italy. But keep in mind that while these fragrances are designed to be used while sipping a Peroni cocktail, they aren't actually edible. You can get the collection for $140 on the Ellis Brooklyn website for a limited time while supplies last.