This New Burger King Impossible Burger Comes With Real Bacon

Burger King's newest launch proves that it's not just vegetarians who are eating plant-based meat alternatives. According to QSR magazine, the fast food giant is set to launch four new bacon-topped Whoppers, inspired by the flavors of the Southwest, with one of them meant to target "flexitarian" diners, as it is featured with a plant-based Impossible patty.

The release of the original Impossible Whopper back in 2019 is considered to be a major success story for the brand, reported Plant Based News. "[The Impossible Whopper has] become one of the most successful product launches in brand history, leading to outstanding comparable sales of positive five percent this past quarter," said a Burger King spokesperson on the launch, per Plant Based News.

Though wildly popular, the Impossible Whopper has sparked its fair share of controversy. Specifically, the brand came under fire for its practice of cooking the plant-based patties on the same surface as its beef burgers and chicken, reported Today. When cooked this way, a certain degree of cross-contamination between plant-based and animal products becomes inevitable.

What's in the new Impossible Southwest Bacon Whopper?

With the new launch, Burger King is doubling down on the idea that plant-based alternatives aren't only meant for vegetarians and vegans. Rather they're a great option for anyone trying to cut down their meat consumption. According to QSR, the Impossible Southwest Bacon Whopper will include the Impossible patty, avocado spread, bacon, seasoned tortilla strips, American cheese, lettuce, white onions, tomatoes, and a "creamy spicy sauce," all housed on a toasted sesame bun.

In addition to the Impossible version, the Southwest Whopper will be available with a classic beef patty, as a double (with two patties), or as a Whopper Jr. In all of the variations, the burger's toppings remain the same, regardless of the patty paired with them. Joining the Southwest-inspired Whoppers is one more vegetarian option: The Impossible King, a meat-free variation on the chain's Quarter Pound King. All of the new menu items will be available starting June 27, reported QSR.