The Condiments Whole Foods Thinks You'll See Everywhere This Summer

Who doesn't love condiments? Given that the condiment industry is currently worth nearly $28 billion and growing (via Statista), it's safe to say most people are in favor of a saucy addition. Luckily, condiment fans have some interesting new products to keep an eye out for as Whole Foods just released a list of trending products expected to hit shelves this summer.

Condiments can save a dish from blandness, but don't confuse them with seasoning. Although seasoning generally includes herbs and spices added during the preparation of food, BioScience explains that condiments are instead toppings for afterwards and can include ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, relish, chutney, jelly, jam, dressing, oil, sauce, salsa, honey — the list is endless. 

Interestingly, there is a science behind why we use condiments. In addition to enhancing the flavor of a dish, the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science reports that they also provide a splash of color and even texture, which can positively impact the dining experience. These factors can be especially true of the new sauces revealed by Whole Foods.

It's all about spicy and tangy global flavors

Regardless of the condiment, Whole Foods predicts that global flavors will dominate this year's selection of summertime fixings. This comes as no surprise as Food Ingredients First suggests consumers are looking to diversify their palates with unique flavors following previous pandemic-related travel restrictions.

Giving standard sauces an international infusion, Whole Foods has suggested that BBQ sauces featuring spices like gochujang and berbere, along with saffron and curry-focused ketchups and mustards will transform grilled classics. Naturally, the novelty of chili-laced oils, pastes, spreads, and honey are also expected to add worldly flavors to smoky steaks, fresh salads, and maybe even a scoop of ice cream.

The grocery chain also predicts that mayonnaise, honey, and vinaigrettes loaded with fermented garlic, miso, or kimchi will prove popular. Given the demand for gut-healthy foods, as explored by John Hopkins, condiment brands are starting to take notice, which means that a tangy twist to your favorite sauces could be in the works.

Lastly, an oldie but a goodie, revamped ranch ends off the list of trendy items forecasted by Whole Foods. A creamy comfort for many, ranch dressing is getting a makeover — think vegan, loaded with probiotics, and maybe even tinged with a hint of spice. Are you drooling yet?