Starbucks Just Announced A Sweet New Chicken Sandwich

Starbucks appears to be the latest company to try its hand at the chicken sandwich game. In a press release, the chain just announced a few summer menu additions — including a sweet-and-savory chicken, maple butter, and egg sandwich.

While not a new invention, it's worth noting that this particular variety of chicken sandwich — which merges both savory and sweet flavors — appears to be taking off at chains around the U.S. Back in 2020 Wendy's debuted a honey chicken biscuit breakfast sandwich, which it turned up the heat on in February with a hot honey option. Last month, fried chicken chain Chester's released a spicy honey chicken sandwich; Meanwhile, burger chain Fatburger announced a similar launch earlier this month in collaboration with Mike's Hot Honey.

While Starbucks' take on the trend leans more savory than spicy (and uses maple in place of honey) the new chicken sandwich seems to reflect growing consumer interest in more innovative takes on the standard crispy chicken sandwich, which by now is a fast food staple.

What's in Starbucks' chicken, maple butter, and egg sandwich?

Based on its description, the sandwich will likely appeal to Starbucks' breakfast crowd. Per the press release, the sandwich is comprised of what appears to be fried chicken, omelet-style scrambled eggs, and maple butter — all stacked on an oat biscuit roll that has been toasted. The company describes the dish as "a satisfying and savory sandwich with a hint of sweetness."

Along with the new chicken sandwich, Starbucks is launching a handful of other seasonal products, including two tropical drink options. The pineapple passionfruit Refresher drink will include not only its namesake flavors but real pieces of diced pineapple. The second beverage, named the Paradise Drink, takes elements of the pineapple passionfruit Refresher and merges it with creamy dairy-free coconut milk.

In the press release, Starbucks announced one last item that will be joining the menu this summer: a cookies-and-cream-inspired cake pop. The sweet treat will feature a chocolate cake base, pieces of cookies, and buttercream frosting, all encased in a white chocolate coating.

Starbucks' new sweet and savory chicken sandwich (along with the rest of the new items) is launching in Starbucks stores on Tuesday, June 21.