What Makes Florida BBQ Sauce Unique

Wherever you land on which region is the best, Kansas City, Texas, Memphis, Alabama and the Carolinas are all regions known for their styles of barbecue. Per Thrillist, Alabama is known for its white sauce, Carolina for its vinegar, Kansas City for its burnt ends, Memphis for its big pits, and Texas for its wood smoking.

When you think of Florida cuisine, barbecue might not the first thing that comes to mind. Seafood is more likely to be associated with the state with all its coastline. When you take a trip to Florida, Taste Atlas recommends enjoying the Key lime pie, Cuban sandwich, stone crab, and, of course, the oranges. 

While those dishes seem more signature than barbecue, don't discount Florida barbecue, as the state does have its own unique style of barbecue sauce that combines quintessential Florida elements. So what makes the sauce from the sunshine state stand out? Don't worry, it's not sand from the beach.

Barbecue in the Sunshine State

According to Taste of Home, the Florida sauce does share one thing in common with Carolina sauce: a lot of vinegar. But the rest is pure Florida. The state is known for its citrus, so of course, it wouldn't be a Florida sauce without a Cuban citrus kick. It also has a Caribbean flair, as it's a bit spicy and tropical. The sauce is typically put on the meat or fish during the cooking process. So while barbecue sauce might not be something Florida is known for, its unique sauce is made of ingredients that are Florida famous.

As far as barbecue in Florida goes, the state is known for its smoked mullet (the fish, not the "business in the front, party in the back" hairstyle that is enjoying a comeback). Visit Florida says that the fish, known for jumping out the water, is "ecologically and culturally important" to the state. Thus, smoked mullet is a staple of its cuisine. So next time you dine in Florida, maybe give the smoked mullet a try with a side of Florida-style barbecue sauce.