The Glass Sipping Tip You Should Follow At Fancy Dinners

Worldwide lockdowns welcomed baggy sweatpants and relaxed dinners spent in front of our favorite Netflix series, but the return to offices means the return to formal dinner engagements. Even in the age of delivery service and take-home orders, certain instances call for fancier nights out. In short, upscale dinners mean upgraded behavior.

Whether you are on a date or attending a business banquet, it's respectful to observe certain etiquette rules. Though some drinking customs vary around the world — glasses rarely go empty in Thailand and elders are served first in China, per Travel Earth — respect is universally appreciated. As courses are served and wine begins to flow, it's considerate to notice your space and how you might be impacting the experience of those around you. Before you take another sip from your glass, read on to make sure you are not offending any hosts or guests seated at your table.

Leave only tasteful impressions behind

Wine and champagne glasses should be held by the stem and placed on the upper right-hand side of your table setting, according to Queen Anne Education. Placing your glass in the same position throughout the course of the evening can help avert any confusion as the evening goes on and holding stemware properly ensures heat from your hand isn't transferred to the contents of your glass (via Economic Times).

It doesn't matter if you're wearing chapstick, lipstick, or nothing at all, the place your lips touch your wine or cocktail glass will be marked. To limit these markings, sip from the same place throughout the evening, advises Food & Wine. The keyword here is sip, warns Etiquette Scholar, and drink only after you've swallowed the food in your mouth. If you are worried about brightly colored lip markings, Etiquette for the Business of Life suggests blotting your mouth with a napkin.

By remembering these social tips, you'll be sure to leave more favorable impressions than lip markings on your snifter.