Chef Charlie Palmer Is Creating A Hotel Chain For Foodies

Chef Charlie Palmer became inspired to pursue a career in food after growing up around his family's vegetable garden, according to his website. Since then, he has authored several cookbooks, and won 13 Michelin stars and two James Beard awards while his restaurant Aureole was open as a brick-and-mortar location (via Charlie Palmer). He has also opened several other restaurants, including Sky & Vine Rooftop Bar in Napa, The Patio in New York City, and several Charlie Palmer Steak locations.

Palmer met Christopher Hunsberger when Palmer began working as a chef in collaboration with Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels, where Hunsberger was leading the program that Palmer was a part of (via Cision PR Newswire). After working together for over two decades, Palmer and Hunsberger are working to create a hotel chain that will put the focus on food, combining their years of experience in the hotel, hospitality, and restaurant industries.

Food will be the focus of your stay

Charlie Palmer and Christopher Hunsberger are collaborating to launch the Appellation line of hotels, reports Cision PR Newswire. Three hotels are currently in the works: one in Idaho, and two in California. There are also plans for further locations, Food & Wine reports.

Hunsberger says they are "setting a new standard" when it comes to their business plan. This hotel chain reportedly aims to create a food-centered hospitality service, with food playing just as important a role in the experience as the hotel itself. Each hotel will feature a Charlie Palmer restaurant and bar, with interactive culinary demonstrations. Each floor will be equipped with a pantry, where guests will be able to purchase locally-sourced artisan foods, reports Food & Wine. Of course, they will all have standard hotel amenities, like pools, meeting rooms, fitness centers, and more.

Two of the hotels are set to open in 2023, with a third in 2024. Will you be planning a trip to stay there?