The Absolute Best Ways To Reheat Apple Pie

Fresh, warm apple pie right out of the oven is one of the most delicious comfort foods. Usually, your family's secret recipe is dished up during the holidays, gatherings, or potluck dinners. Everyone looks forward to eating the special treat, and usually, there aren't any leftovers. Still, there are times, of course, when a slice or two remain in the pan. In this case, you must store the pie properly until it's time to reheat in order to enjoy the dessert for a second time around.

Apple pie tastes delicious as a leftover treat as long as it's reheated correctly. Yes, there are a few right ways to do this, and the pie must be reheated in a fashion that maintains its ooey gooey fruit-filled texture and crunchy pie crust. Here are the top five absolute best ways to reheat apple pie for those rare occasions when you have leftovers.

Reheat apple pie in the oven

The Pioneer Woman knows a thing or two about apple pie. It recommends the simple and effective oven method for reheating sliced or a whole apple pie. You should preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. When the range is ready, place the pie inside for 15 minutes. After the allotted time, open the oven and test the crust by carefully by touching it to ensure that it is warm and toasted. Then, test the fruity center of the pie by poking the middle of the slice with a fork. If the crust and the insides don't feel warm enough, continue the heating process for an additional 5 to 10 minutes until it is completely warm.

Here is a bonus tip from The Pioneer Woman: Apple pie is the perfect food candidate for freezing. Simply slice the pie and freeze it uncovered until it becomes firm. Then, when the pie is firm, cover tightly and store it for up to a few months. Apple pie tastes great cold or warm with an added scoop of ice cream on top, à la mode. Bon appétit!

Reheat apple pie in a toaster oven

The Pioneer Woman also states that the same rules apply to reheating apple pie in the toaster oven as they do with a traditional oven range. According to the site, the toaster oven method may require less heating time or the crust may turn brown more quickly due to the heat distribution in the appliance. First, set the toaster oven to 350 degrees F and place the pie on a parchment-lined tray. Once preheated, place the tray inside of the toaster oven. If needed, cover the pie with foil in order to prevent the crust from burning. After 10 minutes of cooking, take a peek at the crust to ensure it isn't browning too quickly. Continue heating for 5 additional minutes or until the apple filling becomes warm.

The down sides for both the conventional and toaster ovens is that they may take a bit of time in order to reheat that perfect piece of leftover pie. Fortunately, there are other methods you can try as well.

Reheat apple pie in the air-fryer

The air fryer method for reheating apple pie makes your investment in the kitchen appliance worth every single penny. According to Good Housekeeping, this method is easy and ideal. The publication claims that it doesn't compromise the quality or texture of the pie, which is always a plus. First, wrap the pie slice(s) in aluminum foil to prevent splatters and drips from the gooey apple filling. Then place the apple pie slices flat on the basket inside the air fryer and set it at 350 degrees F for about 5 to 7 minutes, or until it is heated through. 

Different air fryers vary, so the temperature and cooking times may also be slightly different. For instance, The Pioneer Woman recommends the same method be performed in a 325 degree F air fryer. Keep a close watch over the pie the first time you use this method to reheat in order to ensure that you have used the correct temperature setting for your kitchen appliance.

Reheat apple pie on the stovetop

Reheating apple pie in a skillet is messy, but it is doable. Pantry and Larder recommends placing a skillet on the stovetop over medium heat. Place the pie inside the skillet and cover it tightly with a lid or aluminum foil. The pie will warm more evenly when the heat is trapped underneath during the process. Keep in mind that these may also become hot, so use an oven mitt or towel to carefully remove them to avoid burns. Heat the pie for about 5 minutes or until the center becomes warm and gooey. Check the bottom of the pie during heating to ensure that it doesn't burn. 

Pantry and Larder also recommends allowing the pie to come to room temperature before heating it in the skillet. Doing this requires less heating time and prevents burning. The stovetop method is quick, but it only crisps the bottom of the pie. This is unlike the other previously mentioned methods for reheating, which crisp the entire crust.

Reheat apple pie in the microwave

Now, let's be honest, microwaving a piece of leftover apple pie won't give you that crispy crust that it originally had right out of the oven. But it is a super quick method for reheating the dessert. So, if you're in a pinch for time, using the microwave is your best bet. Just keep in mind that the steam from the pie will turn the pastry soggy as it heats. Insanely Good Recipes recommends wrapping the pie in paper towels to reduce excess moisture or placing the pie under the oven broiler for a few minutes after microwaving to crisp up the crust.

First, place the apple pie slice on a microwave-safe plate. Heat in 30 second intervals until the pie is warmed throughout. According to Insanely Good Recipes, this should only take 60 to 90 seconds for a single slice. When the pie is warm, remove it from the microwave and allow it to cool just a bit before serving.

You may be wondering how long you can store leftover apple pie. The Food Network recommends keeping all fruit pies tightly covered in the refrigerator for up to four days. They say to inspect the leftovers to make sure they look and smell unspoiled before taking that first bite.