What Makes The Skybox Meal At NYC's Daniel So Unique

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the view of an internationally-acclaimed chef? Or what happens in an award-winning, state-of-the-art kitchen? While diners may be able to find tasting menus and carefully chosen wines at restaurants around the world, few experiences offer the environment found inside Daniel's Skybox.

Chef Daniel Boulud arrived to New York City in the 1980s, and his French-inspired cuisine has delighted guests and critics ever since. "As in the old French tradition," he told Instants, "I still live 'above the store.'" From his office window, he can watch work unfolding in his kitchen.

"The 18-foot ceiling in our kitchen provided a unique opportunity. There was room to build my office on top of the coffee pantry. The double-decker result is a space perched way up high overlooking the kitchen with a kind of eagle's nest feel to it." Boulud told a New York Resident reporter. Boulud welcomes curious diners to join him.

An unforgettable dinner setting

What began as a way to raise money at charity auctions has evolved into one of the most exclusive restaurant tables in New York City, per Huffpost. According to the outlet, the Skybox at Daniel's is tastefully decorated with cookbooks and photos from some of the celebrities who have visited the establishment, including Nicole Kidman, Barack Obama, and Andy Warhol — there's even a shoe from Shaquille O'Neal.

Though the Skybox is made up of glass, curtains can be drawn for guests wanting a more private meal. Yet the appeal here, according to David Boulud's website, is the unique opportunity of watching 40 cooks work in tandem to prepare meals worthy of praise and be part of those rare exchanges when chefs can watch creations arrive at your table.

Parties of up to four are not only waited on, but served specially-prepared meals. To sit and eat in the Skybox, advance bookings are required, and Boulud is often there to make sure guests are enjoying the experience.