The Best Type Of Milk To Use In Sweet Potato Pie

When making a creamy sweet potato pie, using the best ingredients matters. The Southern spiced dessert is a favorite during the holiday season, and is a delicacy that holds rich history and nostalgia. Sweet potato pie is also a common substitute for its rival, the pumpkin pie, another holiday pie favorite, due to its similar texture.

According to Greatist, sweet potatoes grow well in the Southern states due to the warmer climate. They are one of the oldest vegetables known and became famous for their use as a starchy food source, per Sweet Potatoes. Sweet potatoes are easily cultivated, so it's no wonder why the orange root is a favorite.

According to The Country Cook, these golden root vegetables create a sweet, custard filling that tastes delightful. The classic, creamy pie consists of baked, boiled, or microwaved sweet potatoes, that are mashed and mixed with other ingredients and spices. For the best sweet potato pie, there's a specific type of milk that should be in your recipe.

Use evaporated milk

According to the Kitchn, sweet potato pie is the perfect "antidote" for pumpkin spice haters. There are missteps you'll need to avoid when making the treat, though. The five mistakes the Kitchn says to avoid are: not baking the sweet potatoes, using pumpkin pie spice, not baking the pie correctly, not giving the pie enough time to rest, and not using canned milk. That's right, the type of milk you use matters. The Kitchn tells us that all custard pies require dairy. The Spruce Eats states there are dairy-free versions of the dessert, but we are discussing the original form of the pie in this article.

Canned milk is common in the warm South, so the Kitchn recommends using this type of milk for the Southern-based pie. Evaporated milk adds density and a sweet flavor that milk cannot deliver. It also intensifies the creamy texture of the pie and contains protein and calcium, per Livestrong. Use evaporated milk instead of half and half, cream, and dairy alternatives for the best sweet potato pie experience.

Other delicious sweet potato pie ingredients include eggs, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar, butter, and pie crust. Enjoy!