What Noma Head Chef Kenneth Foong Sometimes Cooks For The Staff

Chef Kenneth Foong has cooked in elite restaurants worldwide, from Singapore to New York to Copenhagen. The Singaporean chef has had many mentors throughout his career. According to Michelin Guide, he credits Taiwanese chef André Chiang and chef Corey Lee for being role models and contributing to his career in fine dining. Foong told the publication, "Corey Lee was always a monumental figure for me because when I was starting out, there were not many Asian leaders in the industry, especially Asian chefs who were stepping out and trying to do something that was uniquely their own."

Michelin Guide states that another prominent mentor of Foong's is Noma's chef/owner René Redzepi. He describes the working relationship as "incredible."

Today, Chef Foong is paying it forward by being a mentor himself in his role as Head Chef at Noma. The 32-year-old climbed the ranks shortly after joining the staff. For those lucky enough to work with him, there's an added bonus of staff dinners. Here's what he likes to cook for his coworkers.

Chef Foong prepares his favorite childhood dish

Chef Kenneth Foong told Rice Media that some of his fondest childhood memories are cooking at home. He shared that when he was growing up, food was an important part of family time, and he admits to cooking often with his mom. They'd prepare braised pork in a clay pot with soy sauce. It is a meal that he says he still prepares today. He also cooks Taiwanese-style fried rice.

When asked what staff meals he prepares for the Noma team, he said he sticks with his roots. He told Michelin Guide, "I usually prepare braised pork belly cooked in soy sauce, bok choy, and steamed rice. Sometimes, it's sweet and sour pork." When he makes pork ribs, he says he cooks a huge portion, then microwaves the leftovers.

Most braised pork belly recipes take hours to complete. Cooking them involves searing ribs, sauteeing vegetables like onion, celery, and carrot, and braising the ingredients for several hours. The pork is usually sliced or shredded and can be served with a variety of side dishes (via All Recipes).