It Can Be 5 O'clock Everywhere With The Crocs X Margaritaville Collab

Crocs might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of "cool" shoes — but, now, maybe they should be. Student-run Crusader News calls Crocs "a social pariah." Admittedly, Crocs fans are often as devoted as they are criticized. It's pretty unlikely that you've forgotten about Croc's collaboration with KFC for limited-edition fried chicken clogs (per CNN). But, few things are as alluring as an iced tequila cocktail, especially just in time for summer. Now, Crocs fans can get ready to waste away like a true Jimmy Buffett fan. Introducing: the Crocs x Margaritaville collab.

The shoe giant shared a picture of the new Margaritaville Crocs via Twitter, and it was clearly designed with cocktail fans in mind. The design features a marbled light green shoe with a sparkly teal heel-strap, reminiscent of its namesake drink's color palette. So, you can rest assured that your outfit and drink will be color coordinated, without even trying that hard. 

These tropical shoes are available by drawing only

From June 14 at noon until June 16 at noon, folks dying to get their hands (and feet) on the new Jimmy Buffett shoes can enter an EQL drawing on the Crocs website. If selected, winners will be notified by email within 12 hours after the drawing ends and charged $59.99 plus tax -– a bargain for an escape to Margaritaville that never ends. That is when you compare them to the price of booking a room in the Margaritaville resort; but unlike the vacation — which is over once you come home– you can pad around your house in these Crocs forever. 

For the Margaritaville collab, Crocs is rolling out a new line of Jibbitz –- the silicon charms Crocs-fans use to decorate and personalize their footwear. Parrotheads can get their hands on Jibbitz in the shapes of a pink drink umbrella, (surprisingly realistic) ice cubes, a shot glass, a lime wedge, the infamous "lost shaker of salt" (Salt! Salt! Salt!), and even a red parrot which also doubles as a functional bottle opener, per Footwear News. Never skip on the salted rim again. Plus, considering the average price of Crocs clogs alone runs around $49.99, and Jibbitz usually cost $4.99 individually, the bundle is as cost-effective as it is on-brand. But, Crocs has yet to announce how many winners will be chosen from the drawing, so prospective fans might want to finish their drinks and hop online.