Light Beer Fans Need To Know About This Molson Coors Recall

A startlingly slimy situation that has shocked beer drinkers in recent days has led to a recall of select cases of some of the most popular varieties of light beer. According to Snopes, the Chicago-based beverage maker Molson Coors – the parent company of major beer brands like Coors, Keystone Light, Leinenkugel's, and Miller — issued a limited recall of two of its most ubiquitous beers in the wake of some questionable videos posted to social media.

An early indication of the recall was a notice posted by the St. Louis-based grocery chain Dierbergs Markets, made in accordance with a voluntary recall by the beer maker, which offered refunds on select 12-packs of Coors Light and Keystone Light beers. According to the recall, the impacted beers were produced solely at the company's Trenton Brewery in Trenton, Ohio, indicating that beers made elsewhere are in the clear.

In a statement regarding the recall, a spokesperson for Molson Coors said, "We recently became aware of an issue on only one canning line at only one of our breweries that supplies these two beers to a relatively small number of states. The impacted product does not pose a food-health risk, but it doesn't meet our quality standards," noting that "there are no food-safety issues related to either beer" (via Fox 8). Although the company didn't specify the reason for the recall, Snopes says the likely culprit is a recent series of viral videos showing thick slime pouring out of the beer cans. 

Videos of the slime-like beers have gone viral

One video posted to Reddit shows a customer pouring out an apparently gelatinous Keystone Light beer, using their finger to show the viscosity of the liquid. In the background, startled voices can be heard exclaiming, "Gross! That's like rubber!" 

Similar videos were also posted to TikTok, including one viral video of a seemingly slimy Coors Light with over 4 million views and thousands of comments from concerned beer drinkers, in which the customer notes that it was the second slime-like beer they had found in recent days. Another Tiktok video shows a can of gelatinous Keystone light being poured into a breeze as the pourer notes, "It's thick and syrupy ... like slobber. It feels like someone spit in my beer."

The recall notes (via Dierbergs Market) that "while there are no food safety risks associated with the product, Molson Coors is choosing to withdraw it from the market as to not disappoint consumers." And, presumably, to avoid additional viral videos from making the internet rounds.

The recalled beers include 12-, 18-, 24-, and 30-packs of 12-ounce cans of Coors Light (with the UPC codes 00-71990-00048, 00-71990-30017, 00-71990-31600, and 00-71990-30030, respectively) as well as 15- and 24-packs of 12-ounce cans of Keystone Light (with the UPC codes 00-71990-48045 and 00-71990-48006) (per Dierbergs Markets). Customers in possession of the affected cases are encouraged to return the beer to the market of purchase for a full refund.