Less Than 10% Of People Prefer To Order A Martini This Way

If you like sipping a cocktail at the end of a long day, you likely have a preference when it comes to the base spirit used in the drink. If vodka is your spirit of choice, you might order a Moscow mule; if you love rum, you might mix up a Dark 'n' Stormy. And, if piney, botanical gin is your favorite spirit, you've surely downed a martini or two in your day.

Typically featuring either icy gin or vodka shaken or stirred with a slip of vermouth (via Paste), the martini has branched out over time to include a wide range of variations, from savory pickled onion-topped Gibsons, and olive brine-spiked dirty martinis to dessert-appropriate chocolate peppermint and pumpkin pie martinis. Here at Tasting Table, we were curious how readers like to indulge in their martinis, so we asked 515 Americans what their preferred martini style is: with a citrus twist; made with vodka (as opposed to gin); dry (made with very little vermouth); dirty; or wet (made with extra vermouth). The results are in, and there's one martini version very few survey respondents enjoy, with only 8% choosing to order or make it.

Only 8% of respondents favor a vermouth-heavy cocktail

How do you like to drink your martinis? That's what we asked 515 American survey participants, and only about 8%, or 41 of them, named a wet martini as their preferred style. According to Sipsmith, a wet martini is the opposite of a dry martini: While the latter goes heavier on the base spirit (usually gin or vodka) and lighter on vermouth (via Liquor.com), a wet martini uses a touch extra of that fortified wine.

A majority of respondents — 168, or nearly 33% — said that their favorite martini is one that comes with a citrus (usually a lemon) twist. Vodka (as opposed to gin-based) martinis were also a popular choice, with 127 respondents, or nearly 25%, saying that they order their martinis this way. 100 respondents, or more than 19%, enjoy a dry martini, and 79 of them, or more than 15%, make a dirty martini by adding olive brine to the cocktail base. Now excuse us while we reach for our shaker and our favorite bottle of gin.