Mexican Food Is Becoming More Popular Worldwide. Here's Why

In the United States, we've embraced Taco Tuesdays, salt-rimmed margaritas, and gorging on heaping bowls of guacamole. Tajin and chamoy are now staples to spice up our snacking while poblano and jalapeño chilis revolutionized how we add flavor to our favorite dishes. Colorful and rich with flavor, Mexican cuisine has become popular all across the globe, and the reason might surprise you. 

Built on a foundation of ingredients like avocados, corn, tomatoes, chilis, beans, rice, and limes, Global Foodways explains that the origins of Mexican cuisine has roots in Aztec civilizations that were later influenced by Spanish conquistadors. It was further popularized in American culture through Tex-Mex offerings like burritos. However, the span of Mexican and Mexican-inspired cuisine is actually pretty vast.

A recent report provided by Technavio shared that the global Mexican food market is predicted to increase by $113.85 billion in the next five years with a compound annual growth rate of 6.65%. Aside from the delicious flavors and vibrant ingredients found in popular Mexican (or Mexican-inspired) dishes, what's really driving the popularity of Mexican food?

The working class craves convenience (and Mexican food)

In the last three decades, Statista notes that the workforce increased from roughly 2.28 billion to 3.32 billion people. Given that the working population has skyrocketed, this has led to a demand for convenient food options due to more disposable income but a lack of time and maybe even the skill to prepare meals at home. 

Given the growing desire for convenient food options coupled with the increased popularity of Mexican cuisine, vendors are encouraged to expand their offerings. This fuels the growth of the global Mexican food market. However, Technavio states that North America in particular will account for 58% of this growth, with Norway, Finland, and France trailing close behind. 

Currently, some fast food chains are capitalizing on consumer interest for quick and convenient Mexican-inspired fare, including Chipotle, Del Taco, Taco Johns, and Taco Bell; all of which cater to the popular tortilla segment of the market. Fresh, accessible, and cost-effective, Mexican and Mexican-inspired food isn't disappearing from global menus anytime soon.