The Best Way To Prevent Avocado Toast From Getting Mushy

Hipsters, rejoice. No more soggy avocado toast.

The Fiscal Times blames the subculture for driving up the market price of avocados, but the entire U.S. accounts for a substantial portion of global avocado consumption. In 2020, Americans consumed more than 2.7 billion pounds of the fruit, per Statista. Clearly, avocado toast isn't just for hipsters. If it is, then there are more ravenous hipsters out there than we thought. Count us in.

It isn't just about aesthetics, either. Avocados are rich in potassium, high in fiber, and loaded with healthy fats, according to CNN. Plus, they're an ideal source of protein as part of a vegan diet, per Healthline, although some plant-based purists would beg to differ. Popular discourse debates whether avocados are vegan after all, but that's for folks to decide for themselves. As nutrient-packed and tasty as it is (or can be), nobody wants to bite into a soggy piece of bread. Luckily, the best way to prevent avocado toast from getting mushy doesn't take an expensive tool or a secret ingredient. It's all about technique.

Mash it up

The best way to prevent avocado toast from getting mushy is to mash up the avocado meat in a separate bowl first. Whether you're in a hurry or are out of clean dishes, your bread will thank you for taking the time to break up that avocado rather than just scraping it directly from the skin onto your toast. Not only does the peel-and-smear-chaos-method run the risk of tearing holes in your bread, but the actual avocado starts deteriorating more quickly when you crush it straight onto the bread, according to The Whole Portion.

There are other ways to keep your toast crisp. Wait to spread that creamy avocado on top of your toast until just before you're ready to eat it. For additional firmness, consider leaving your bread in the toaster for just a little longer than you normally might. Your toppings might also be to blame for an ultra-mushy mouthful. Topping your avo-toast with an egg is a delicious way to pack on the protein, but a spoonful of salsa, while scrumptious, is going to introduce a much greater water component by comparison. With these tips, you'll be an avo-pro in no time.