How One Nashville Restaurant Uses Peach In An Unconventional Way

Life is peachy when you've got a bunch of fresh stone fruit on hand. Available from May through September (via The Peach Truck), peaches are grown all across the nation. However, the southern states tend to be synonymous with peaches. Making the most of a summer staple, one Nashville restaurant is using peaches in an unconventional (but totally delicious) way!

Peaches, known by their scientific name prunus persica, are coral-colored spherical fruits with white or yellow flesh. Unlike their close relative the nectarine, Good Housekeeping notes that peaches have a thicker skin that's coated with a bit of fuzz. Full of nutrients like vitamin C, unpeeled peaches also have antioxidants that can prevent premature aging, along with reducing the potential of certain diseases, explains Healthline.

Aromatic with a tropical fragrance, ripe peaches are bursting with juicy flavors. Given their sweet taste that harbors just a twang of tartness, peaches are super versatile in the kitchen — even in savory dishes.

Adding peaches to pork ragu

Add peaches to what?! While it might sound shocking, Nashville Lifestyle reports that the executive chef of The 404 Kitchen, Matt Bolus, was so inspired by the season's local produce that he decided to whip up an outrageously appetizing recipe for pasta topped with a peach and pork ragu.

Known for his modern interpretations of traditional European fare, the dishes served at The 404 Kitchen are made with the freshest, sustainably-sourced ingredients. It's no surprise that southern stone fruit would make an appearance in one of the restaurant's dishes.

"I've used them extensively in desserts but wanted to find a way to incorporate them into a savory dish as well," shares Bolus per Nashville Lifestyle. "This one turned out perfectly." 

The recipe involves slow-roasting pork shoulder with peaches, tomatoes, rosemary, and ginger to create a rich, textured sauce that balances sweetness with acidity and fat. If you're looking for other unique ways to reinvent peaches, make peaches the star of stews, salads, pickles, and sangrias. You can even make homemade peach pop tarts!