Campbell Soup Co. Is Launching A Flavorful New Line After Promising Sales

Founded in 1869, the popular canned soup and snack maker, Campbell Soup Co., is a brand that has been trusted by consumers for a long time. In its life span, Campbell's has seen its share of ups and downs, but recent supply chain and labor issues caused difficulties for the company (via Reuters). After seeing sales numbers rise in its most recent financial report, Campbell's is once again poised to launch a new line of product innovations. It has always been aware of the important role that new offerings play in the food industry and has exciting new products lined up for the future.

According to Reuters, the COVID-19 pandemic caused widespread supply chain and labor issues across the country. As the economy returns to its pre-pandemic state, companies like Campbell's have been working to return to their former level of productivity. Campbell's Chief Executive Mark Clouse reported hiring 3,500 new workers in the last year (per Reuters). After having a strong third quarter for the 2022 fiscal year, the company is ready to begin launching brand new products (per Campbell Soup Co.)

The Campbell Soup Co. has plans to launch a new product line along with new additions to old favorites starting in the first quarter of the 2023 fiscal year, which begins on October 1, 2022.

Campbell announces new Flavorup! line of sauces

Food Business News (FBN) reports that Campbell's plans to introduce its new Flavorup! Line, which will bring concentrated flavor sauces into homes across America. Campbell's Chief Executive Mark Clouse says this new product line will allow folks at home to customize flavor intensity and portions for countless recipes. He also says that Campbell's will be expanding their Prego line of sauces as well.

"Younger consumers especially are seeking new specialty flavors and ways to enhance their at-home meals. Prego's new items will offer bold flavors to meet the growing need to bring greater variety to the in-home Italian sauce experience," Clouse said to FBN.

Food Navigator reports that Campbell's will add Spicy Marinara and Creamy Vodka sauces to the lineup of classic Prego sauces.

Campbell's other lines will continue to expand next fiscal year. Its lineup of hardier soups, chowders, and stews will add a new Old Bay-seasoned clam chowder, inspired by the classic Chesapeake Bay spice (via Food Navigator). There will also be Pacific ready-to-serve soups and chilis that will be also launching in the coming months (via Food Navigator).