Trader Joe's New Limoncello Gouda Has Fans Confused

Trader Joe's is no stranger to unexpected flavor pairings like chocolate hummus, Philly Cheesesteak bao buns, or chocolate lava gnocchi (via Insider). Products like the recently returning Ube Mochi pancake mix are some of the grocery chain's most loved. But, no reward comes without taking a risk, and not all risks pay off. This spring, the organic grocery giant rolled out new Fancy Cheese Crunchies flavored with black truffle, and fans were divided.

Now, TJ's is back with another controversial release. Earlier this week, the grocery chain launched a new product for cheeseheads and the results are mixed. Introducing: Trader Joe's Limoncello Gouda Cheese. The Trader Joe's website for this new cheese showcases the limoncello gouda with asparagus and fresh lemon wedges, perhaps suggesting it could provide a sweet compliment to a mouthful of earthy vegetables, but the product listing also suggests shaving it over savory foods like pizza, pasta, and grilled vegetables or eating it alongside dark chocolate.  

Despite these suggestions, Trader Joe's fans on Instagram seemed baffled about how to use the product. The Trader Joe's fan account @traderjoesaficionado posted a photo of the new Netherlands-made cheese selling, which sells for $11.99 per pound, asking, "What could we make with this cheese?" Judging by the comments on the post, TJ's cheese fans have the same question — and several concerns.

This better be gouda

This new limoncello gouda is perhaps intended to be reminiscent of another Trader Joe's product: Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese, which the company describes as "blurring the line between cheese and dessert." The ricotta was made in Southern Italy, and the new Dutch gouda features limoncello from Sicily — so, another cheese with Italian star ingredients. But, although the Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese is marketed as a dessert item, the new Limoncello Gouda carries a more savory implication.

But, at least for now, it seems like Trader Joe's fans might need some more convincing. Skeptical cheeseheads are sounding off in the comments of another Instagram fan account. The post by @traderjoeslist reads, "This better be gouda." The comments echo this skeptical sentiment, to put it politely. Users have aired their confusion and apprehension commenting, "Just cuz ya can, doesn't mean ya should," and "I don't know about this." On the harsher end of things — "Go home, Trader Joe's. You're drunk." With such mixed feelings, fans will have to decide for themselves whether the sweet cheese is worth a try.