Why Switzerland's Tap Water May Be The Best In The World

Water is the stuff of life, you can't live without it, but water is also the stuff of your bathroom and the stuff of your kitchen, you can't live comfortably without it either. It's everywhere and it comes straight out of the tap no questions asked (at least most of the time), but not all tap water is created equal. 

Switzerland has boasted some of the world's best tap water for an extended period of time, according to San Jose Water, and it shows in not only the country's water safety levels but also in the quality of the drinks they serve and produce. Turns out that if the water you're using to make a pot of tea, steep a pot of coffee, or brew a pint of beer is high quality, so is the end product. San Jose Water actually recommends "relaxing with a delicious glass of tap water".

How is the water so good?

Through a combination of good sources and sound policies, Switzerland has fostered some of the best and cleanest tap water in the world. According to My Switzerland, 80% of drinking water is sourced from groundwater, and the other 20% is from lakes. Switzerland is blessed with rich water reserves but also has established groundwater protection zones to ensure that the sources remain as clean and untouched as possible. As a country and as a people, the Swiss pride themselves on both the drinkability of their tap water and the small ecological footprint that it requires (even smaller than that of bottled water).  

The Water for Water organization, an independent non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for clean and safe water around the world, holds Switzerland as a prime example of what good and effective water policy can do for the tap water of a country and how it can translate to even better products.