Coolhaus Just Debuted Its First-Ever Animal-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

The trendy ice cream company Coolhaus is no stranger to innovative flavors, ranging from Chocolate Molten Cake to Street Cart Churro Dough. Now, the California-based ice cream makers are embarking on their most innovative, and environmentally conscious, product line yet. 

In a press release, Coolhaus announced that it is teaming up with the animal-free ice cream brand Brave Robot to create a line of creamy ice cream sandwiches, marking the dessert company's first foray into animal-free dairy products. The Los Angeles-based ice cream company — which launched out of a repurposed postal truck at the Coachella music festival in 2009 — has since grown into a national brand sold in 6000 grocery stores around the country (via Coolhaus).

Late last year, the company was acquired by The Urgent Company, a sustainably-minded food company with a goal of helping customers "take direct action on the climate crisis, whether they know it or not" (via Forbes). At the time, Coolhaus shared that it would be transitioning into a fully animal-free company in the months following the acquisition, in line with its new parent company's focus on sustainability.

"After the transition to animal-free dairy is complete, the only change Coolhaus fans can expect is reduction in the environmental impact from the products they already know and love," Paul Kollesoff — co-founder of The Urgent Company — told Forbes at the time.

Last year, Coolhaus announced its transition to animal-free products

To create their first animal-free dairy dessert, Coolhaus teamed up with the ice cream brand Brave Robot, also owned by The Urgent Company, which uses a non-animal whey protein — biologically identical to the whey in cow's milk — to create a frozen treat that mimics the texture and taste of standard ice cream. Ice cream made with animal-free whey reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 72% and non-renewable energy use by 60% when compared to conventional dairy ice cream, according to the brand. 

"By teaming up with Brave Robot and integrating Perfect Day animal-free protein into our ice cream, we can make Coolhaus accessible to more people by using animal-free dairy that is ... better for the planet," said Coohaus founder Natasha Case in a press release.

The Brave Robot x Coolhaus Animal Free Ice Cream Sandwiches will launch with two flavors: Mint Chocolate Chip (featuring chocolate-studded mint ice cream sandwiched between double-chocolate cookies) and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (featuring vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate and cookie dough pieces sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies). Although the treats are animal product-free and lactose-free, they do contain dairy — so dairy-averse customers should approach the sandwiches like standard ice cream.

The Brave Robot x Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches will initially launch in Kroger stores nationwide, at a retail price of $7.99 for three sandwiches. The value of enjoying a cold, creamy treat while making a minimal environmental impact: priceless.