What You Need To Know About Williams Sonoma's New Food Line

Online home and kitchen retailer Williams Sonoma has just released a new line of grocery products designed to suit a range of dietary restrictions and lifestyles. According to a press release, the collection, called Seed & Harvest, centers on sustainability and transparency — two attributes consumers increasingly desire from the companies that make their favorite foods.

"Williams Sonoma has a rich history of offering our customers best-in-class food products made with clean, high-quality ingredients that we develop in-house or source from premiere vendors around the world," explained Ryan Ross, president of Williams Sonoma. "We are developing Seed & Harvest products to appeal to the palate of all of our customers while also being mindful of those who may have various dietary, food or lifestyle preferences. The accommodations we are making with this collection will allow our customers with specific needs to easily shop Seed & Harvest products with confidence without having to question quality or compromise on flavor."

According to a February report from Supermarket News, a recent survey showed that 79% of respondents were more likely to trust food companies that provided customers with clear definitions of the ingredients they use. The same percentage said they were more likely to buy from brands that provided additional information about their products, beyond what was listed on the packaging.

What's in Williams Sonoma's Seed & Harvest collection?

The Seed & Harvest lineup includes 33 products that span several categories, as noted in the press release. And, per Williams Sonoma, the Seed & Harvest collection features several mixes for baked goods like cookies, cakes, quick breads, and muffins — plus mixes for pancakes and protein bars.

Other categories include cocktail mixes (in flavors like Citrus Ginger and Pomegranate Paloma, to name two of the three) and sweet treats like gummy candies and chocolate chip cookies. The line also features several sauces, seasonings, condiments, salad dressings, and marinades, along with a cauliflower-based pizza crust mix and pizza sauce. Prices range from $9.95 (for a 5.5 oz package of ​​Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies) to $21.95 (for the cocktail mixes), although packaged deals are, of course, much higher.

The Seed & Harvest line features easy-to-read icons on its packaging to indicate whether an item is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, or dairy-free. The packaging itself, meanwhile, will all be recyclable or compostable. As another bonus, all of the Seed & Harvest products are made without the use of refined sugars.