This NYC Theme Restaurant Is Like A House Of Horrors Year-Round

What comes to mind when you think of a night on the town in New York City? You could be picturing rooftop lounges overlooking the Empire State Building or a sizzling porterhouse steak in the light-filled theater district. What doesn't come to mind? A haunted, horror-themed restaurant with year-long spooky vibes.

New York City truly is a place with it all and then some. This Greenwich Village hot spot (via NYC Go) in Manhattan draws inspiration from one of the world's most iconic gothic horror novellas. Capitalizing on the book's haunted theme, the restaurant and lounge are known to host a myriad of special effects and live entertainment that directly correlates with its scary-inspired story.

Are you curious to find out which infamously haunted novel is the inspiration for this New York City-themed restaurant? We'll give you a hint, just like there are two sides to this magical city, this story's iconic character is also known to have a light and dark side.

Welcome to The Jekyll & Hyde Club

Based on the story "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" written by Robert Louis Stevenson, The Jekyll & Hyde Club reflects the internal dilemma between a legal practitioner and his mad-scientist, criminal alter ego. Characters from the story and spooky characters come to life every 10 minutes with live special effects throughout the restaurant and bar as diners indulge in crafty-inspired food and cocktails (via Jekyll & Hyde Club).

Speaking of food and drinks, this is where the fun truly comes to life at The Jekyll & Hyde Club. Start the night off by drinking cocktails with Death By Poison, Alter Ego, Zombie, and Lucid Dream. Then curb your appetite with the Create-Your-Own-Monster burger famous to this downtown haunted joint. Popular monster burgers include Frankenstein's favorite, topped with cheese, mushrooms, onions, and bacon, or the Mummy, a sirloin burger mummy-wrapped in your favorite cheese. The burgers aren't the only themed food item on the menu; the pizza has a twist in true New York fashion. Top your Dr. Jekyll pizza with The Cannibal's sausage (thankfully, it's just sweet Italian pork sausage).

Want to give The Jekyll & Hyde Club a visit? The restaurant and bar are open all year long — including Halloween. Stroll through one of Manhattan's most popular neighborhoods, Greenwich Village, and make your way to 91 7th Avenue South for a spooky night to remember.