The Cut Of Meat You Shouldn't Use As A Hanger Steak Alternative

You recently went to dinner and had a fantastic steak. Specifically, a hanger. Now you want to try it on your home grill. Or perhaps, you've been a fan for a while and have experienced a lack of availability of the cut. Either way, the hanger is an excellent steak, but it's not the only option for a unique cut that will satisfy your craving for red meat. Let us help with some substitute suggestions for this in-demand dinner option.

Hanger steak falls into the category of a butcher's cut. As Serious Eats explains, less well-known and often excellent cuts end up on the butcher's table at home because of their limited supply. Fortunately, the hanger is not the only special meat selection your butcher may have up their sleeve.

Though some experts like Food Fire Friends note that hanger and flank steak are similar in texture and richness, we recommend you ask your butcher to dig a little deeper for a hanger alternative — and it's not the one you might be thinking of, considering its name.

Faux hanger isn't what you think it is

Ironically, there is a steak called a faux hanger, and you might logically think this is the best alternative for hanger steak, but that's actually not the case. Faux hanger does make an excellent substitute for a skirt steak, though, per Epicurious. It's also great in a marinade and appeals to those who love a beefy-tasting steak with a denser texture than the hanger. However, if you're looking for a hanger steak alternative, you won't want to ask for faux hanger — you'll only end up disappointed and searching for an explanation as to why it isn't the same as you remembered.

As for what you should ask for in place of hanger, that would be teres major, which in our opinion is the best alternative to hanger steak. As Complete Carnivore explains, it's also known as a mock tender, petit tender, or bistro filet. It's located below the flat iron on the shoulder; a lesser-used muscle and thus more tender. It has a similar shape to the hanger, it's amply marbled, and it's not too pricey or fussy a cut to drop in your best marinade.

Try it in your preferred hanger steak preparation. You may find you have a new favorite to throw on the grill this summer.