Why You Should Add Cheese To Fruit Salad

When you're wondering what dish to bring to the next summer get-together or just searching for the perfect seasonal side dish, don't overlook the humble fruit salad. This consummate crowd-pleaser appeals to diners of all ages craving a sweet and refreshing complement to flavorful fare. Following a few guidelines and adding a unique key ingredient will ensure that your fruit salad is the breakout star of the BBQ.

Food Hacks has a few fruit salad suggestions to help you create a perfect side that will leave you with no leftovers. Choosing the right fruit combination can set the tone for the meal as familiar flavors conjure up memories of picnics past or give a taste of the upcoming season. Considering the ripeness of the fruit you're combining is equally important; you want to achieve complementary textures and avoid a mushy or overly crunchy bite. Garnishes like a citrus squeeze or chopped herbs will also set your salad apart, but the ingredient that will truly surprise and delight fruit salad fanatics is cheese.

Spoon University notes that certain fruits play better with some cheeses over others. Crisp apples can stand up to a bold cheddar, and sweet watermelon can handle the salty flavors of feta. A pear-based salad benefits from the rich flavors of brie, or if you're feeling tropical, you might combine chunks of sweet mango with tangy goat cheese.

How cheese complements fruit perfectly

Cheeseboards that feature flavorful cheeses paired with various fruits are common party-starters for a reason; the sweet essence of fruit combined with the flavor variety of cheese is a true palate-pleaser. The PH Cheese says that cheese and fruit are not only complementary but also enhance each other's natural flavors, making the right combination an ideal dish.

It's no secret that sweet and salty foods go together, and that is one of the delicious flavor combos that can be achieved by adding savory cheese to your candy-sweet fruit salad. A perfect example is the ever-popular watermelon and feta salad that highlights the taste of summer sweet watermelon by enhancing it with the salty essence of feta cheese. Likewise, a stinky, salty cheese greatly benefits from the high sugar content of fruit.

The creamy, rich taste and mouthfeel of cheese is another element that makes it such an ideal addition to a classic fruit salad. The fatty texture of a bold cheese is balanced perfectly by the fresh, acidic pop from an ideal fruit partner. When combining a rich cheese, you'll want to match its intensity with bold fruit like berries and oranges that cut the fat and stand up in flavor.

When it comes to finding the ideal texture and flavor combinations for an upgraded fruit salad experience, it's your world. Feel free to play with your favorite fromage to make your fruit salad anything but an average side dish.