The Best Way To Tell If Cucumber Has Gone Bad

Cucumbers are a cool and refreshing fruit, perfect for refreshing cucumber kimchi salad, sandwiches, and even savory cucumber parfaits. You can even try making your own pickles with them.

Plus, the high water content of cucumbers (95%, reports Healthline) helps to hydrate you while you're snacking. They are super low calorie and contain vitamins C and K, magnesium, manganese, fiber, antioxidants, and potassium for guilt-free snacking (via WebMD). Allure reports that they can even be used externally by placing sliced cucumbers over your eyes can help reduce puffiness and act as a cooling agent while hydrating your skin.

When stored properly, cucumbers from the fridge can be eaten within seven to ten days (via MasterClass). But despite your best efforts, you may find yourself questioning whether a cucumber has gone bad or if you can slice one up for a snack. Take all of that guesswork away by learning what signs to look out for.

Signs to look out for

A good, ripe cucumber will be firm to the touch. If it feels mushy, chances are that it is rotten. If just one end of the cucumber feels soft, but the other is still solid, you may be able to cut off the mushy parts and salvage the rest (via Farmhouse Guide).

There are also several visual indicators of whether a cucumber has rotted. If the cucumber has a milky, white sheen on the outside, it's a no-go. You should also inspect them for mold. Even if it looks like the mold is isolated to one spot, it is better to play it safe and just toss it in the trash. Dark spots can also be an indicator that your cucumber is no longer a viable snack option.

If your cucumbers have a foul smell or taste, they are not safe to eat. Regular, ripe cucumbers have a light, fresh scent and flavor. If you get a sour bite, go ahead and get rid of it. 

Now that you know what to look for, enjoy indulging in this refreshing, healthy snack.