This Tip Will Change The Way You Cut Your Avocados

A buttery slice of avocado can be placed on anything ⁠— oatmeal, sandwiches, eggs, salads, grains, even dessert. But to reach the edible part of this fleshy fruit, the tough exterior has to be removed. The usual way to go about this is by slicing the bumpy skin and digging in.  

Most of us cut avocados without too much thought: You hold the fruit firmly in your hand and slice lengthwise. Then, with a bit of finesse, you aim to strike the pit with your knife to remove it from the avocado's green flesh. But this doesn't always happen. Sometimes the unripe superfood keeps pits firmly in place, or worse yet, you miss the berry's pit entirely and risk cutting your palm.

What if we told you, though, there's a better way to get guacamole ready for tonight's party? This approach, according to Insider, allows you to squeeze pits easily from ripe avocados without needing to dig out anything with a knife or spoon.

A new approach to an old favorite

Tried and true is always tempting, but sometimes efficiency comes in unexpected forms. Take fruit, for example, and some of the known hacks that can help you slice apples in a cleaner way. We're going to use a similar technique to cut ripe avocados.

Per Insider, rather than slicing your avocados vertically (as many do), turn the fruit horizontally and cut it crosswise instead. By cutting the fruit in half, you can more easily remove the pit; according to the outlet, it will only take a light squeeze of the avocado half still holding the pit for the pit to pop out. What's more, you can also cut attractive avocado rings this way ⁠— while saving your own flesh from harm.

Slicing an avocado horizontally will also keep whatever part of the avocado you don't immediately use fresher for longer. Why? Per Food52, less of the avocado flesh is exposed when you cut it crosswise, which means less oxidation, which for avocados (and apples and potatoes) means less browning.

Also, with neatly sliced avocado rings, your salads can look more appealing and desserts can be ornately topped with ease. Not to mention the perfect avocado chips that will soon come out of your kitchen. Sounds like a win-win. Get ready for an avocado game changer!