Whatever Happened To Skittles Bubble Gum?

U.S. consumers have been able to "taste the rainbow" ever since Skittles were introduced in 1979 (per Wrigley). But did you know that for a brief period of time, you could chew the rainbow with Skittles bubble gum?

Proof is in the pudding: one simple Google search of "skittles bubble gum" will still bring up listings of Skittles bubble gum on sites like CandyStore.com. The alluring description remains: "Amazing Skittles flavor in bubble gum that will keep you chewing for hours. We bet you never imagined being able to blow a bubble with the amazing flavor of Skittles on your tongue, did you? Well, now you can with an order of Skittles Bubble Gum!" The price: $12.99 for a 14-count pack. But sadly, the add-to-cart button is grayed out, unclickable. CandyStore.com's stock of Skittles bubble gum sold out, and remains so since Skittles bubble gum has joined the ranks of discontinued sugary treats.

The 2000s bubble gum gone forever

According to Wrigley's timeline, Skittles bubble gum first made an appearance in the U.S. in 2004, followed by "X-treme Fruit Skittles Gum Flavor" two years later. However, both of these candy gums ⁠— which came in a flip-top box ⁠— haven't been available for years, disappearing from store shelves, with only nostalgic sites like CandyStore.com and CandyFavorites.com offering proof of their onetime existence.

While there apparently wasn't an official reason or announcement given for the discontinuation of Skittles bubble gum, one can assume there were poor sales, despite the company's clever marketing slogan: "inflate the rainbow."

Sadly, one can no longer inflate the rainbow with bubbles but merely taste the five flavors of orange, lemon, green apple, grape and strawberry. However, if you're really curious to try the short-lived Skittles bubble gum, there are auctions to check out from time to time. And if those collectible prices are too steep for you, there is a YouTube tutorial on how to make your own DIY Skittles gum — or how to turn any candy into gum for that matter.