The Era Of Drone-Delivered Ice Cream Has Begun

Just in time for summer, Flytrex and Ice Cream Shop, Unilever's digital storefront, are teaming up to bring ice cream to American homes — via the sky. That's right, tonight's frozen pints could arrive on the doorstep of your home by drone.

The Ice Cream Shop catapulted onto the home-delivery scene in 2020, guaranteeing hungry customers that ice cream deliveries would arrive intact, not melted (per The Ice Cream Shop website). This promise resulted in over 700 pints per hour sold from March 31 through October 31, 2020 — making the company Unilever's most successful commerce and distribution project of the year (per The Drum). From Breyers original flavors and Talenti gelatos to Ben & Jerry's unique desserts to Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake bars, customers have a variety of choices to satisfy nagging sweet teeth. And now, ice cream cravings can be fed more quickly than ever before, thanks to a new drone delivery service.

Ice cream pints delivered in minutes

"Why settle for a melted pint in an hour when you can have your ice cream via the skies cold and delicious, too?" said CEO and co-founder of Flytrex Yariv Bash in a recent press release.

Flytrex, an on-demand delivery service, already serves communities in North Carolina and Texas. Ice-cream fans can order bundles for backyard parties from The Ice Cream Shop via the company's app. The app also provides updates in real-time, so customers know when ice cream will be lowered onto their porches or into their yards.

According to Flytrex FAQs, drones can fly five miles roundtrip at speeds up to 32mph, carrying nearly seven pounds — enough for about seven pints of ice cream. The company works with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation to ensure drones are flown safely. If necessary, each drone flight is overseen by certified professionals. If you're worried about spilled items, Flytrex ensures clean drop-offs with fastened boxes and wire release mechanisms that slowly deliver packages from the air.

So the next time you plop onto the couch craving a pint, don't worry about having to make ice cream at home or race out to the nearest store. Your favorite sweet brand is closer than you think.