KIND Snacks Is Hitting The Road To Give Out Free Frozen Treats

If you're on the hunt for refreshing summer snacks that won't ruin a well-intended diet, we have good news. KIND recently announced its first-ever national tour in a press release, aiming to bring frozen treats to Americans across the country. Since 2004, company founder Daniel Lubetzky has been on a mission to build a different kind of snack business. In fact, KIND petitioned the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to create more transparency on nutrition labels and educate consumers about the ingredients used in food products.

KIND lists ingredients used in their snacks on their website; the menu is loaded with nuts, whole grains, and fruit and lacks artificial sweeteners or modified compounds. KIND North America CEO Russell Stokes agrees: "Since day one, KIND has been committed to creating innovative, premium foods that all lead with a nutrient-dense ingredient, but never sacrifice taste."

And this summer, you can experience it for yourself.

Beat summer heat with an interactive product launch

From May 25 until August 8, KIND's "Better Than Ice Cream" truck will visit cities throughout the United States including New York, Cincinnati, Nashville, Chicago, Seattle, and San Francisco. The truck will carry plant-based frozen treats and actual real plants to help visitors understand where ingredients come from. In an Alliance for Science survey, 48% of polled Americans admitted to not knowing how their food was made or where it was processed. With less than 2% of American families living on farms, it's not surprising many people aren't sure where their food comes from (via American Farm Bureau Federation).

If your location isn't listed on the truck's travel itinerary and you're on Instagram, you can follow the truck's journey on the KIND account. You can also visit the website for merchandise items inspired by the frozen product line: a tote bag to store frozen goods, a hanging plant waterer, and press-on nail stickers.