Should You Refrigerate Cinnabon?

Did you know the crave-worthy mall and airport staple Cinnabon is also available for home delivery? Imagine the irresistible scent of Cinnabon wafting through your home, not to mention enjoying one for a decadent Sunday morning breakfast while still in your PJs without ever leaving home.

Whether you order some extra buns from the mall kiosk or opt for home delivery, unless you are a professional eating champ, chances are you'll need to store the sweet treats. According to their shipping site, while it seems counter-intuitive, Cinnabon does not want you to refrigerate their rolls. They recommend leaving the buns on the counter for up to two days.

Does It Go Bad agrees with the storage method. However, they do have more relaxed refrigeration rules, saying that refrigeration is okay if — and only if — the buns are encased tightly in plastic wrap, which they claim slows down the hardening process.

Why you shouldn't refrigerate Cinnabon

According to Serious Eats, after baking, the starch molecules in bread begin to recrystallize and harden, which is how bread goes stale. Refrigeration only accelerates that process.  

However, cinnamon rolls are considered an enriched dough, which Emma Duckworth Bakes explains means it includes eggs, sugar, and dairy. Mom's Baking Co notes that the addition of sugar keeps the bread fresher longer. Meanwhile, Epicurious credits the added fat as the reason for its staying power. This means enriched dough for cinnamon buns keeps fresher longer — even if left on the counter.

What about the cream cheese frosting? According to Cooking Light, as long as the room's temperature remains at a consistent 70 degrees or cooler, cream cheese frosting can be safely left on the counter for up to two days. If you have a hot kitchen or plan on keeping it on the counter longer than 48 hours, the frosting can't be safely consumed without refrigeration.

The whole storage point seems moot, however. Would Cinnabon actually remain on the kitchen counter — uneaten — for more than an hour (never mind 48)?