Whatever Happened To Squeezits?

Growing up, everyone had that friend whose house always had the best snacks. You know, the one with the junk food that you begged for but your parents wouldn't buy. If you were a child of the '80s or '90s, there's probably certain snacks that evoke nostalgia and mostly likely these were the same snacks the cool house on the block always had on hand. According to Mashable, some of those snacks are Dunkaroos, Push Up sherbet popsicles, 3D Doritos, and Squeezit juices. Part of the nostalgia is that you can't find a lot of these snacks anymore. They just live in your childhood memories.

But what about Squeezits? Remember those? They were introduced by General Mills in 1985, according to a clip from "Inside the General Mills Archives." If your parents wouldn't let you have the trendy sodas like Surge and Crystal Pepsi during the '90s, maybe they were more open to this juice.

The demise of Squeezits

Unlike traditional juice boxes, Squeezits came in a plastic bottle that didn't require a straw — only a squeeze. The juice debuted with four flavors — red punch, orange, grape, and cherry — per "Inside the General Mills Archives." In 1992, character faces were added to the bottles. That's why Bustle calls Squeezits the juice with "personality." Characters included Chucklin' Cherry, Smarty Arty Orange, Silly Billy Strawberry, Grumpy Grape, Berry B. Wild, Rockin' Red Puncher, and Mean Green Puncher. The tagline was "Squeeze the fun out of it." Later in the '90s, the company switched things up with Color Changing and Mystery Squeezits.

But whatever happened to the juice bottles? Apparently, all the fun was squeezed out of the product in 2001 when it was discontinued due to slumping sales: Sad news for all those Smarty Arty Orange fans out there. So if you've got a craving for a Squeezeit, you won't be able to find one except in your childhood memories.