Why Bobby Flay Doesn't Put Cheddar On His Burgers

Known for his roles on Food Network shows like "Beat Bobby Flay," "Food Network Star," and "Iron Chef America," celebrity chef Bobby Flay is no stranger to burgers; After all, he founded the restaurant chain Bobby's Burger Palace and published a cookbook with the title "Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries & Shakes." Flay's Food Network program "Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction" even won a Daytime Emmy in 2012 for Outstanding Culinary Program, per the Hollywood Reporter, so you can be sure he knows his way around a grill.

While cheddar cheese isn't the best option for every dish, it is a pretty popular choice when it comes to topping burgers. The Cheese Professor loves how cheddar's umami flavor enhances beef, while Wisconsin Cheeseman praises the dairy for its intense flavor. But according to the Food Network there is one grilling expert who absolutely does not recommend the combo: Bobby Flay.

So why is Flay not a fan, and what cheese does he suggest you reach for instead next time you fire up the grill?

Flay favors more melted cheese

If you've ever approached a charcuterie tray a few hours into a party, you're likely familiar with sweaty cheese. Kitchn explains this phenomenon is caused by the release of butterfat as cheese warms up, and it is precisely one of the reasons Flay stays away from it when it's time to grill.

According to the Food Network, Flay says the reason he's not a fan of cheddar on burgers is because of the sweat it produces as it heats up, as well as the consistency after it melts. For Flay, the cheese needs to be fully melted to be considered a top-tier burger. So if cheddar is out of the picture, what kind of cheese does the celebrity chef recommend for burgers?

"American, fontina, Monterey jack — something like that melts really nicely," Flay told the Food Network. "When it gets right down to it, I want American cheese on my burger, because it melts well and it reminds me of my childhood." He also says to double up: the television host always adds two slices of cheese to his burgers.

And while you're taking Flay's grilling advice, why not try his tip for perfect grilled corn next time you cook up some burgers ... with or without the cheddar.