Only 7% Of People Prefer This Canned Tomato Brand

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then you're likely a fan of canned tomatoes, a pantry staple that many home and professional cooks alike make sure to keep stocked at all times. Tomatoes preserve especially well, maintaining their flavor and texture better than many other canned fruits and vegetables, and many cooking aficionados have declared their allegiance to them over fresh tomatoes (via Bon Appétit). We, too, are fans of canned tomatoes, making use of their meaty texture and bright acidity in sauces, soups, and stews.

Canned tomatoes are consistently among the top-selling canned produce, typically coming in third after canned corn and green beans, according to USA Today. So it comes as no surprise that in order to meet demand, there are many different brands of canned tomatoes on the market today, from Cento to Muir Glen to Hunt's (via Lacademie). In a Tasting Table poll, we asked 515 Americans which brand of canned tomatoes is their favorite, and one well known variety garnered a less-than-enthusiastic response.

Redpack canned tomatoes are preferred by only 7% of the shoppers polled

If you've ever gone shopping for canned tomatoes, then you know that the aisle of the supermarket in which they're found can seem packed with different brands of whole, diced, crushed, stewed, and puréed tomatoes (via Simply Recipes) — and it can be hard to know which ones taste better than others. To get a sense of which way Americans' palates lean, we asked 515 people which brand of canned tomatoes they favor, and Redpack, a well known brand available at Walmart and other large retailers, came in dead last, with only 38 respondents, or a little over 7%, citing the tomatoes as their favorite.

The clear winner in the poll was Hunt's, whose red fruits are grown primarily in California and which come in a range of varieties including whole, diced, tomato sauce and paste, as well as an organic option (via Hunt's): 258 respondents, or more than 50%, named this brand as their top choice. 111 respondents, or more than 21%, choose Contadina canned tomatoes when they shop, with Muir Glen and Cento coming in third and fourth places and each garnering about 10% of the vote.

We don't know about you, but we're feeling the urge to pick up some canned tomatoes and make a rich pasta sauce — stat.