Ina Garten's French Twist On Traditional Garlic Bread

Celebrity chef Ina Garten, host of Food Network's "Barefoot Contessa," is known for her fresh, flavorful food. According to the Barefoot Contessa website, Garten's culinary career took flight in 1978 when she left her job at the White House writing nuclear energy budgets and purchased a specialty food store in the Hamptons — the very beginning of the name Barefoot Contessa.

Since then, Garten has published 13 cookbooks, featuring recipes for parties, Paris-inspired dishes, or just good home-cooked meals. In addition to her classic "Barefoot Contessa" program, Garten hosts a show called "Be My Guest with Ina Garten," where she explores how the culinary experience is about more than just food.

Part of what makes Garten's work so unique is her ability to take a classic flavor profile or dish and add her own, totally Ina twist ... which is exactly what she does in her garlic bread recipe.

What makes Garten's garlic bread stand out

People shares that Garten frequently visits Paris, and even owns an apartment in the City of Lights! This will come as no surprise to fans of her work, as Garten's love of the European cuisine is showcased in her cooking and she often includes a French twist to her food. (As mentioned above, the celebrity chef even has a cookbook devoted to her love of French cooking: Barefoot in Paris!) And Garten's garlic bread recipe is no exception.

The recipe, shared by the Food Network, comes from Garten's 2020 "Modern Comfort Food" cookbook and transforms the typically doughy side dish into something ultra crunchy and unique. It calls for one ingredient you may not think to add otherwise: lemon zest. This ingredient adds an unexpected burst of fresh, slightly acidic flavor, contrasting with the warm, earthy tones of garlic. This mixture is slathered on a sliced, fresh French baguette for that oh-so-Ina Parisian twist!

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