How Much Oil You Should Be Using To Roast Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Brussels sprouts are a perfect side dish to anything from pan-fried chicken to garlic mashed potatoes. When prepared with care, these mini-looking cabbages are slightly sweet and tender. Cooked incorrectly, however, Brussels sprouts turn bitter. (If you've had boiled sprouts, you know.) Roasting, air frying, grilling, or sautéing veggies can keep these nutrient powerhouses flavorful and firm — not overcooked and mushy, according to Country Living.

In the same family as other nutritionally-dense vegetables like broccoli and kale, Brussels sprouts are loaded with vitamins and minerals that protect against cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease (via WebMD). Overcooking destroys these health-supporting compounds and results in that off-putting taste that contributes to a lifetime aversion to this produce. One of the many keys to a better tasting sprout is oil. 

Whether using a light olive oil or locally sourced canola oil, the right amount can turn sprout skeptics into converted fans. So before you roast or sauté your next batch, take steps to make sure those sprouts are cooked to an enjoyable, nutty degree.

Turn up the flavor dial with the right amount of oil

Stonesoup points out there's a reason oil makes everything taste better: oil brings in the kind of fat-soluble vitamins vegetables don't necessarily have. Not to mention, research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that oil can, in fact, make vegetables more nutritious by increasing nutrient absorption. 

To get Brussels sprouts cooked to a perfectly crispy perfection, the right amount of oil is needed. The goal is a slightly charred, crispy dish of evenly-coated sprouts that are caramelized and not bitter. Don't be shy with the oil of your choosing. The Kitchn recommends using 2 tablespoons of oil per pound of Brussels sprouts. To take your dish to the next level, salt your vegetables before cooking and consider adding cornstarch for an extra crispy roast. You can also dial up the flavor of your Brussels sprouts with splashes of vinegar.