More Than Half Of People Would Prefer To Use This Boxed Pasta Brand

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Is there any ingredient as convenient as boxed pasta? With its long shelf life and quick cook time, this is one pantry staple that most people have at home at all times.

In 2020, for example, more than 267 million Americans — which is more than 80% of the U.S. population — used dried boxed pasta. And, while fresh pasta certainly has its place in the kitchen, dried pasta is the star of many traditional recipes, ranging from cacio e pepe to linguine with clams, according to Insider.

While most of us keep dried pasta on hand, it can be tricky to know which brand to buy. The types of pasta available at supermarkets seem to continue to multiply, with Eat This, Not That! counting at least 30 brands ranging from Whole Foods' 365 Everyday Value to Italian favorite De Cecco to Target's Market Pantry. 

So which brand of dried pasta do you think is the best? Recently, Tasting Table surveyed 515 Americans to ask them that very question. Read on to find out what they said.

Barilla is a favorite of a majority of those surveyed

If you've ever purchased dried pasta at the grocery store, then you're surely familiar with Barilla, the pasta in the dark blue box that seems to dominate the pasta aisle. 

And there's a good reason for that: The Italian-founded brand is the biggest pasta producer in the world, making more than 40% of Italy's supply of dried pasta and more than 25% of that in the U.S. (via Bell Italia). So it comes as no surprise that in a Tasting Table survey of 515 Americans, 299 respondents, or more than 58%, cited this brand as their favorite.

And how about the runners-up? Seventy-four respondents, or nearly 9%, said that San Giorgio boxed pasta, a Barilla competitor that comes in a bright red box, is their preferred choice. 

Fifty-three respondents, or more than 10%, reach for Rao's, the beloved New York City-based brand whose pasta sauces are a consistent favorite among shoppers. Forty-five respondents, or nearly 9%, like to choose De Cecco dried pastas, with Creamette brand coming in as the favorite of around nearly 9% of respondents, as well. 

We don't know about you, but now we're in the mood to pick up a big box of pasta and set a pot of water to boil.