The Absolute Best Ways To Reheat Grits

Grits are a traditional food enjoyed by many people for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dish has Indigenous American roots and is similar to hominy, says Deep South Magazine. Today, the Southern staple is found on countless restaurant menus.

According to the South Carolina Legislature, grits are South Carolina's official state food. Another U.S. state claiming the dish is Georgia, and proudly shares that grits are Georgia's "state prepared food." In this Southern state, they prefer their grits cooked with butter and salt, and they may be served with ham or sausage or cooked with sugar instead of salt.

Grits are so popular in the South that CNN says the states from Virginia to Texas are jokingly referred to as the "Grits Belt." The creamy mixture of ground white and yellow corn is used in various recipes, including grit cakes, waffles, and hearty dishes like shrimp and grits, shares Food Network

So, how do you reheat your leftovers? Here are the three best ways to reheat grits.

Reheat grits on the stovetop

According to Recipe Marker, the stovetop method takes less time and is the preferred way to reheat grits. Grab a non-stick pan, and set the heat level on your stovetop to low. Spoon the leftover grits into the pan, and add a small drizzle of water, milk, or broth to the grits. Allow the dish to heat on low, constantly stirring and breaking up lumps as you stir.

If the grits become too thick or clumpy, add more liquid to the mix while stirring. Be careful not to let the grits stick to the bottom of the pan. Continue stirring; you'll know it's ready when the grits are warm completely through.

Food Network's Cheesy Skillet Grits recipe is one you may want to try while you're at the stove. The addition of butter, shredded cheddar cheese, salt, and pepper adds a kick of flavor to plain grits.

Try the microwave

Recipe Marker provides a microwavable method of reheating grits. It isn't ideal, but it's quick if you're in a pinch. The key to reheating grits in the microwave is to monitor them closely so that they don't become rubbery in texture. 

First, place the grits in a microwave-safe container, and add a small drizzle of liquid such as water, broth, or milk to the grits. This liquid adds moisture and helps keep the grits from becoming too thick. 

Place the grits in the microwave, and heat them on a medium temperature setting in 30-second intervals. Stir, and add more liquid if they appear too thick. Continue reheating the grits and stirring every 30 seconds until heated all the way through. Enjoy!

Get creative with your grits. There are many flavorful additions to increase their appeal. Taste of Home lists several recipes that include everything from curried chicken and chorizo to bacon and cajun shrimp. 

Reheat grits in the oven

Reheating grits in the oven isn't the most time-conserving method, but it's the best way to reheat a large amount, according to Valuable Kitchen. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and spoon the grits into an oven-safe casserole dish. Add the liquid of your choice to the mix, cover the dish, and place it in the oven. 

Allow the grits to warm up for about eight to 10 minutes, and then add more liquid to the grits if needed. Stir. Prevent them from drying out by consistently checking their texture throughout the heating process. 

Continue reheating the grits for five to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove the grits from the oven when completely warm, but keep them covered until you're ready to dine. Keeping the lid on prevents them from drying out.

If you'd like to make a new batch of oven grits, Lynn's Kitchen Adventures has a recipe you may enjoy. The baked version of this comfort food calls for stone-ground grits, onion, cream, Tabasco, shredded cheese, and sausage. Yum!