How Cheez-It's Limited New Flavor Was Aged With Music

You've probably heard of playing music to help your plants grow, but unless you are deeply involved in the world of cheese or closely follow the industry's news, you probably missed a study about music's impact on cheese. Of course, this study didn't slip by Cheez-It. According to a press release received by Tasting Table, the cracker brand stumbled across a 2019 Swiss study that monitored the impact music has on cheese as an art experiment and decided it might be worth exploring. During the experiment, Sound Arts HKB students at Bern University of the Arts and Käsehaus K3 exposed eight kinds of cheese maturing at the facility to various sounds over six-and-a-half months. At the end of the aging process, each cheese was blind taste-tested by culinary jurors and analyzed by food technologists in a sensory consensus analysis.

The study concluded that the sonic frequency and tempo of hip-hop music resulted in more fruitiness, a more in-depth cheese flavor, and a stronger aroma. From that discovery comes the world's first sonically-aged cheese crackers, "made with 100% real cheese." After six months in the making, Cheez-It is finally launching a special release of limited-edition Cheez-It x Pandora Aged by Audio crackers. Of course, the special boxes of Cheez-It will come with an exclusive Pandora playlist and a three-month subscription to the music streaming service.

This is how you can get an Aged by Audio Cheez-It box

According to the press release received by Tasting Table, Cheez-It fans can order Cheez-It x Pandora Aged by Audio boxes from The limited supply boxes will be released on May 26 at 12 p.m. EST, along with the Aged by Audio mixtape, created by Pandora music and sonic experts. Experts used the playlist to age the cheese for six and a half months. Music (and cheese) fans can find the Pandora link to the playlist at,, or in the Pandora app. To help celebrate the snack launch, Cheez-It partnered with Sway Calloway to create and release an exclusive YouTube series, "Living Legendz," which will also launch on May 26.

Eligible customers will receive a free three-month Pandora Premium trial when they purchase a box of Cheez-It x Pandora Aged by Audio crackers. Cheez-It is celebrating big and has also created an array of branded gear for the event. Audiophiles who want to show Cheez-It pride can find Aged by Audio-branded headphones, clothing, and even bucket hats.