Why You Should Consider Making Mashed Potatoes In A Slow Cooker

All potatoes are delicious, but mashed potatoes in the slow cooker are particularly good. Why? Mashed potatoes made in a slow cooker are amazingly creamy and they require less hands-on time than the stovetop version. According to Kitchn, even this comfort food classic can be quick and easy to cook. Slow cooker mashed potatoes are smooth and delicious, without the mess of making them on the stove. Plus, you don't need to stay around and stir!

Using a slow cooker is a simple way to get dinner on the table. According to Delish, you can make tasty stews and soups, or braise a whole chicken in one pot — all while doing other things. Slow cookers also bring out the delicious flavors in foods, tenderize inexpensive cuts of meat, and save electricity, explains Penn StateHere are the reasons why you may want to consider making mashed potatoes in a slow cooker:

No Boiling Required

According to The Kitchn's recipe, when making mashed potatoes in the slow cooker, boiling the potatoes is not required. Simply peel and cube the potatoes into one-inch cubes and add them to the slow cooker with the seasonings and milk. The slow cooker heats the potatoes without boiling them. So, sit back, relax, and allow the potatoes to cook for four to five hours until they are soft. 

Then, use a potato masher or fork to mash the potatoes until they are as smooth as you like. Next, pour melted butter and cream over them and stir with a spoon. Season the dish with salt and pepper to taste, then serve.

The Kitchn says that you can leave mashed potatoes in the slow cooker on the warm heat setting for up to four hours. If you prefer a dairy-free version, you may use chicken broth or vegetable broth for flavor in lieu of the milk and cream.

Less Mess

Cooking mashed potatoes in the slow cooker creates fewer messes in the kitchen and provides more time to spend with family and friends. Forget the electric mixer, bowls, spoons, pots, and pans. The slow cooker does most of the work for you. In fact, The Country Cook does not recommend using an electric mixer at all. The site explains that mashed potatoes cooked in a slow cooker are very tender and can be easily mashed with a potato masher. 

Then, simply add the seasonings and other ingredients of your choice, stir, and serve. If you're looking to dress up your dish, Huffpost lists alternate add-ins for mashed potatoes, such as crunchy bacon pieces, crumbled cheese, herbs and zesty spices, fresh broccoli, and nuts.  

Use your slow cooker to make creamy mashed potatoes that you can serve right in the slow cooker — no boiling or extra dirty dishes required!