The Amazing Number Of Drink Combos Starbucks Claims You Can Order

If you've ever been face-to-face with a Starbucks menu, you know how overwhelming it can be — with its bevy of hot and cold options scrawled across the board. There is coffee, but there are also blended beverages, steeped teas, fruit juices, ciders, and hot chocolates. Yet, as plentiful as the offerings may seem, that's actually the tip of the iceberg.

On a mission to change the way the typical American drinks coffee, Starbucks has been serving quality brews for over five decades. Within that period, the coffee powerhouse has had the time to do some math and finally settle the question of just how many drinks can be ordered. The answer? A mind-blowing 170,000 different drink combinations.

How is this possible? Well, in order to reach this number, Starbucks has taken all of its core beverages and multiplied them by the number of potential coffee customizations, resulting in thousands of options. Remember that modifications include anything from temperature variations, caffeine levels, dairy choices, syrup varieties, and topping selections. That means that even something as straightforward as a cup of brewed coffee can look starkly different, depending on who orders it. Needless to say, the drink list is lengthy. And with the chain's ever-evolving seasonal menu, that magic number is likely to grow even larger with time. 

Embrace the variety

Along with the seemingly endless number of ways that you can customize your coffee to accommodate preference (and potential dietary restrictions), Starbucks also has a secret menu. Off-the-menu beverages like the tangy key lime pie refresher, buttery shortbread cookie Frappuccino, and the fruity strawberry shortcake latte are (once again) just a fraction of the many viable options — all of which can also be tailored to taste.

Additionally, let's not forget that different Starbucks locations around the world have varying beverages, as well. Some of the most unique drinks include the iced shaken green tea and prickly pear from Taiwan, Sakura blossom latte from Japan, red bean green tea Frappuccino from China, triple-coffee jelly Frappuccino from Thailand, or the ponche navideño from Mexico.

As for where all the ideas for all of these classic, secret, and international drinks come from, the answer varies. Some are crafted by Starbucks patrons or staff, while others might have been dreamed up at one of the unbranded secret shops that once served as a testing ground for new products. While new concoctions continue to roll in, one thing is for sure, the number of drink combos at Starbucks will only continue to grow!