The Absolute Best Type Of Cookie Cutter For Sugar Cookies

If you're looking for a fun, family-friendly activity, making and decorating sugar cookies is always a safe bet. Not only do they taste delicious, but they can also be easily tailored for specific holidays or customized to match one's interests. With the help of cookie cutters, it's easy to make cookies that look like everything from snowflakes and flowers to Valentine's Day hearts and shamrocks.

However, as anyone who has baked sugar cookies knows, some common pitfalls can take the fun out of the whole experience. The most annoying of them all? Uneven baking. It's an issue cooks often run into when trying to make these cookies at home. As Bon Appétit points out, attempting to make sugar cookies with highly-detailed cookie cutters is often a mistake, as the small, delicate parts of the cutout will typically bake faster than the rest. By the time the centers of your cookies are done, the edges could be burnt beyond repair.

What is the best type of cookie cutter?

When searching for the best cookie cutter for your sugar cookies, there are a few criteria to consider. In order to prevent those pesky, burnt edges, Bon Appétit recommends sticking with simpler shapes that don't feature intricate details. While those cookie cutters can be tempting, it's a safer bet to use reliable shapes to leave your cookies perfectly baked. Then, if you're still longing to add detail, you can go all-out with your decorations and designs.

In addition to choosing simple shapes, you'll want to choose cookie cutters with the right size and material. According to Kitchn, cookie cutters between three and four inches wide will yield the best results, especially if you're planning to decorate them. But if your cookies are too small, you'll have trouble achieving a detailed final product. Additionally, cookie cutters made of stainless steel are worth the investment. They achieve precise, accurate cuts while being more durable than their aluminum or plastic counterparts.