Why You Should Toast Both Sides Of Your Bread For Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches first appeared on French menus in 1910 (as the croque monsieur, per Daily Dish Magazine) and not long after, became part of American cuisine; first as a cheap, easy meal made during the Great Depression, then served to soldiers in World War II, this chewy treat reminds diners of simple satisfaction and familiar pleasure (via Just A Pinch). The fourth-most popular American dish, according to YouGov, grilled cheese even holds the Guinness World Record for Most Expensive Sandwich.

Per Consumer Reports, a thoughtfully made grilled cheese can be a nutritionally sound meal of comfort. Pair the right cheese with hearty bread, and you have the essential ingredients for a quick snack or convenient dinner. But there is more to grilled cheese than throwing cheese between two pieces of bread, adding an apple or bacon slice, and tossing it onto a skillet. To elevate the next grilled cheese sandwich you make at home, read on for a tip worth considering.

A perfectly toasted sandwich

In 2010, NYC-based chef Gabriella Hamilton began to convince food writers and amateur cooks to coat sandwich bread with mayonnaise before toasting (via Men's Journal). Mayo helped deliver an impeccably crispy crust, said Hamilton, not a blackened or burnt edge, but golden pieces of breaded heaven that helped enhance traditionally made sandwiches. Let's take this tip one step further.

Instead of coating just one side of your bread with mayo, cover and toast both sides before adding your choice of cheese and folding your sandwich together. The result is a crispier, more flavorful sandwich. Toasting two sides of your chosen bread can help deliver perfectly melted cheese and a satisfyingly heated interior.

To make sure your grilled cheese remains delicately browned and not burned, King Arthur Baking recommends using a clear lid to keep watch over your creation. That way, you can remove your sandwich from the flame and enjoy right when it's your desired degree of grilled deliciousness.