Why Avocados And Eggs Are Such A Great Breakfast Combination

You've heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When thoughtfully chosen, breakfast can boost energy, improve metabolism, and help keep you lean (via Examine.com). In a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, breakfast eaters were found less likely to be lacking in the nutrients needed to fight disease. If the right breakfast can also help combat brain fog, per the Cleveland Clinic — what exactly should we be eating?

Packed with protein and minerals, eggs have been labeled one of the healthiest foods you can eat (via Healthline). In a report commissioned by the British Egg Industry Council, dietician Dr. Carrie Ruxton described eggs as the "perfect protein" and "nature's multivitamin." The American Heart Association agrees: eating eggs in moderation and as part of a balanced diet can be beneficial — especially for those who don't eat red meat. The way you prepare eggs can impact their health content, however, so consider combining them with another nutritional powerhouse.

A healthy breakfast loaded with nutrients

Just like eggs, avocados are calorically dense fuel that can help you feel full and stay committed to your health goals (via Insider). Packed with heart-strengthening nutrients, avocados have good reasons why they appear on so many pieces of toast.

One recent study by the American Heart Association showed that regular avocado consumption — two ½-cup servings each week — could reduce cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases. Additional research studies published in The Journal of Nutrition claim that eating avocado can lead to better gut health and reduce unwanted belly fat. If you need even more reasons to eat avocado, folate found in this creamy fruit may reduce depression, according to Medical News Today.

Eggs and avocado are both on the list of paleo-approved foods, per Avocados from Mexico. And when paired together, eggs and avocado create a notable anti-aging meal: nutritionist Valentina Schirò, via La Cucina Italiana, explains that vitamins C and A and the antioxidant glutathione all offer natural defenses against cellular degeneration.

If your morning routine doesn't give you the time to whip up egg avocado toast at home, consider preparing Green Goddess dressing, avocado egg salad or avocado-tahini dip in advance.