Why You Should Smell The Bottom Of Your Pineapple

Picking the perfect pineapple can be tough. Unlike an avocado or a banana, pineapple is slightly less unwilling to let us know whether or not it's ripe thanks to its armor-like exterior. So how can you be sure that you've picked a pineapple that's bursting with rich, tropical flavors inside? Simply smell it.

By sniffing the base of a pineapple, you can determine how ready it is to be eaten. Bon Appétit suggests that if the bottom of a pineapple has a fragrant, fresh, fruity, and sweet aroma, then the pineapple is indeed ripe.

However, if the pineapple smells a bit funky or like vinegar, it's past its prime. And if a pineapple doesn't have any odor at all, it probably isn't fully ripe. But beware of buying an underripe pineapple. They usually don't mature much after being picked because they lack the starch supply from their root that helps them ripen, MasterClass explains.

Other Ripeness Indicators

Surprisingly, aesthetics are quite helpful in choosing a ripe pineapple, as long as you know what to look for. Bon Appétit says that the more yellow the exterior, the riper it will be. A green pineapple indicates the opposite.

According to Food52, it's wise to seek out a shapely pineapple with larger, uniform eyes as this means it was picked when fully matured and evidently, sweeter. Also, Kitchn recommends paying attention to the green leafy spears on top of a pineapple, which should be ultra-easy to pull out when the fruit is ripe.

Once you've found a ripe pineapple, Real Simple notes that you can store it in the fridge for about three to five days. But, devouring the tropical fruit in a timely fashion shouldn't be a problem when it tastes fantastic when grilled, lined in upside-down cakes, or blended into a piña colada!

Pineapple was once a rarity, but it was also a symbol of hospitality since it was only served on special occasions (via Martha Stewart). Now, pineapples are plentiful, especially from early spring through summer. So what are you waiting for? Head to the market and start smelling!